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Marvin Lewis press confrence


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Marvin started by saying this is a press conference "about nothing". He was his usual snappy self.

ML did reiterate "the best player available" from his list -- I thought I heard him say that there weren't any position that would be exceptions.

As usual, he said all the work and discussion occurs BEFORE the draft when the "list" is made up and during the draft they pick the "best available" from the list. Although he did get into a short discussion that the Bengals consider who or what position might be available in later picks.

I thought I heard him acknowledge the "possibility" of 3-4 defense -- but I want to recheck that part. It was toward the end of the discussion.

He said he was looking forward to getting back on the field vs all this "what if" stuff (my words).

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Here we go with the 3-4 again. Personally, like they have done in the past (running 4-3 base and mixing it up with 3-4) they will continue to do in the future. I think having the ability to mix it up is good... The more confusing our defense is for opposing offenses, the better.

I still don't see the 3-4 as a base with the personnel we currently have on the roster and considering the transition of the new guys if we were to draft to go in that direction, I think we continue with the 4-3 base and just draft to be able to continue mixing it up !!!


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