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Did the Bengals have the 49ers' offer available to them?

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Did we have a shot at the 2nd & 3rd from the Niners? I'm getting a little disconcerted about such a move, as I was hoping the 22nd slot would be a wasted pick on a wide receiver. I'm also worried that SF will be gunning for someone like Pope now, and possibly let D'Brickashaw or Mario Williams fall into their laps. If those SOB's get D-Brick and Pope, I'll just poop.

My wife doesn't quite get my dislike of the 49ers...I told her it was like someone shooting your dog and then running off with your wife...and then slashing your tires. I can take the Steelers more easily than the Village People.

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I doubt it, simply because it didn't happen. I think Marvin and company would have jumped all over the opportunity to get early picks in the second and third round. The 49ers probably wanted to stay ahead of us where they can be more picky as to which defender they will go after. The Broncos got lucky.

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deal would have been offered to Denver first, since they had the better slot. But had Denver passed, it might have gone to Cincy

but if I were SF, I would have offered Cincy the two plus a four. Would you have gone there?

Another question: Joisey says that Denver also wants to deal #15. How much do you think that the Bengals would give up for it? Next year's number one is a good start, but that might be a decent pick if Palmer's out all year.

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Here's how I think it played out. Keep in mind that my guess is based upon pure speculation.

Denver approaches the 49'ers with an offer of swapping both 1st round picks, #15 and #22, for the 49'ers #7 slot. Denver's motivation is twofold, as they are targeting a specific player (V.Davis) and also hoping to pay less for one 1st round pick than they'd pay for two. San Francisco refuses the proposal largely because they don't want to move out of the #7 spot, but they may have also felt that #15 and #22 don't add up to #7.

Regardless, the two sides keep talking and a second proposal that will result in the Bronco's not having two 1st round picks is proposed when some bright Bronco intern discovers that the 49'ers 2nd and 3rd round picks have a combined value that exactly matches that of the Bronco's #22 slot. Denver makes the proposal knowing that they'll pay less for two lower drafted players than the late 1st rounder, and may even find one of the players on their 1st round short list is still available with their new 2nd rounder. San Francisco agrees for reasons yet to be determined. Perhaps they're targeting a WR in a weak WR draft. Or perhaps they've got their eyes on a defensive player they can't live without. But I'm guessing that Denvers desire to end up with a single 1st round pick was the driving force behind the trade, not the 49'ers desire to move up.

Thus, I'm guessing that Cincy wasn't offered a comparable deal.

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