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Jason Allen Fails Physical at UT, Has a degenerative hip condition

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Tennessee safety Jason Allen reportedly failed a pair of physicals The tweener safety/cornerback's stock has experienced a roller coaster since injuring his hip during his senior season. Thought to be a possible first-rounder, this news will push him down into the second round. Apr. 11 - 8:27 pm et

Source: ESPN.com Insider

Word is it is pretty bad, he will be very fragile. I think he could fall completely out of the first day.

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For what its worth -- I'd waste a fourth round pick on Jason Allen. Thats the pick we usual reserve for a developmental project.

Even if he only plays a year or two, I'd like him in Bengals stripes.

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Not good news for Allen, but probably not entirely unexpected either that he would not pass a physical yet. If he's really got a degenerative condition, though, then the 1st round draft party is over. Based on what Allen has done and the comparisons of the injury as less serious than others that ended careers, I'm guessing it's not a career killer nor bad enough to keep him out of Day 1.

One of the teams that failed him was the Vikings at 17. I wouldn't be too surprised if a team lower in the draft order ends up finding him physically fit before it's all said and done.

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