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4.9 Mock V2


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Round 1: Richard Marshall

An absolute, TRUE "Freak" at CB. Great man to man cover guy who makes the game changing play. He's also one of the most aggressive tackling CBs that I've ever seen, seems to natually like to punish people.

Round 2: Mark Anderson

Actually has pretty decent size to be a RDE in the NFL. Had an impressive "technical" game in the Senior bowl displaying strength and the ability to beat some of the top lineman in this draft.

Round 3: Tim Day

A fine blocking/reciveing TE but don't only look at his 2005 season, look at his 2004 stats. Runs good routes, has nice hands, is a excellent RZ threat and can do a good job of blocking as well.

Day has actually played as an Offensive Guard before.

Round 4: Tommy Jackson

Has dropped in stock due to his "chatty nature" on the field. He's an absolute run-stuffer who can hold down the middle. Is tough and and actually has a nice motor for a guy his size. We've also shown some interest in this player as well.

Tommy would actually bring a little bit of fire to our D-line, he REALLY, I mean REALLY likes to talk trash (thats why he's dropped) and is CONSTANTLY jawing with Olinemen.

Tommy posted a 63-3 HS wrestling record, he knows how to get down and dirty, use his hands and his leverage all to his advantage.

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Richard Marshall is at best a cosistent zone corner. No.

I like Mark Anderson, but wait a round, at least.

Tim Day, alright. If we teach to block it should alright.

And I'm sure that TJ Jackson's stock didn't drop only because of chatting on the field.

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*laff* I gotsta love a player named TJ Jackson :-)

I just gotsa....dunno why ;-)

Just because of the name, I am forced to believe that he sucks! :lmao::lmao:

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Are you suggesting we select a Fresno State Bulldog with a Number 1 round pick??? The WAC! I mean does Trent Dilfer mean anything to your mock draft database? He he he..... I am only teasing but I really don`t know about a 5`9 190 corner who lost to Tulsa in his bowl game. Tulsa QB stats from Liberty Bowl: Paul Smith 18/27 234 8.7 1 0

I am a fan of the Tommy Jackson pick, though. I love to see pure strength athletes drafted by a topnotch SandC program. Take Stacy Andrews for example. Championship level wrestlers are welcome to my team.

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