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4.9 Mock V1.


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Round 1: Tamba Hali - DE.

Marvin will love his intensity, fire, motor and work ethic. Can instantly compete for the RDE spot and would be an upgrade over Robert. His best years as a DE are yet to come as he's only played the positon for 2 years.

Round 2: Anthony Fasano - TE

If Carson is down, a TE like "The Fas" would be a nice player. He would be a nice short-intermediate security blanket for whoever is QB. Very much in the mold of Heath Miller, the kind of player we need at TE.

Round 3: Anthony Smith - S

A nice player to groom, is not the fastest, but his insticts and fundamentals are great.

Round 4: Kedric Golston - DT

A strong, pass rushing DT. Produced 54 QBHs throughout his Bulldog career, actually had more QBHs when Pollack left (16- W/DP, 24- WO/DP). Could stay in "check" being around Marv, David, Odell and Robert.

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I like this one.

Hali has a great motor and is the pass rusher that we have been lacking. The only thing that discourages this pick is that he basically an African David Pollack, so it might be unnecessary.

Fasano, unlike Schobel, is a great receiver AND he can block. (Crazy concept, huh, Schobel?)

And Anthony Smith would be a great, interchangeable safety to add. I like him a lot.

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