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  1. Fantasy Football 2019

    Mrs. Skyline is still in as well.
  2. Fantasy Football 2019

    Hey all, I'm out this year. Sorry folks. Let me know if you want the commissioner title. Otherwise, you'll need to start a new league from scratch. PM me if you're interested.
  3. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    Looks like John Ross is out again. This concerns me.
  4. If you believe the article, the o-line is giving up MORE pressures this year, not less. But, Dalton is handling it better. Likely due to several factors: o-coordinator, qb coach, better weapons, etc. He's also been more willing to throw into tight windows. He's keeping his eyes up when he's pressured and looking for throws when he would give up on plays in previous years. I've never been a Dalton hater, but he's showing growth this year and the o-line isn't the reason why.
  5. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    A big part of their grading on RBs is pass blocking and yards after contact. Mixon only had one pass block attempt that game and he whiffed. He also doesn't tend to gain yards after contact...he gets hit and he falls. I'm still very happy to have him on the team...clearly :P
  6. Fantasy 2018

    And I lost by less than a point. The fantasy gods are cruel.
  7. Other NFL games.

    The Browns are a handful of plays away from being undefeated. They're no joke.
  8. Week 6 and 17- Steelers talk

    I feel better about this game if we have John Ross back. Missing Ross and Eifert was not a small thing yesterday.
  9. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    The idea is that Uzomah/Kroft replacing Eifert is less about the #s and more about how Eifert demanded respect from the defense which opened plays up for Green, Boyd, etc. Uzomah and Kroft will get us by, but it's a downgrade however you look at it. Ross and Bernard have both been declared out for Sunday. We can still get the win, but we're going to need help from the defense. Hopefully, the scheme is good and Burfict makes a noticeable difference in his first game back.
  10. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    More concerned if Ross can't go. No Eifert and no Ross = guys like Cody Core getting playing time.
  11. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    The Bengals are the better team, but the Dolphins lead the league in interceptions and the d-line is their strength. So, it comes down to whether or not the Bengals can protect Dalton and avoid the big mistakes. I could easily imagine one of those games where one team is clearly better, but the score is close thanks to one or two major mistakes. A blowout sure would be nice, though. I can only take so many more "Cardiac Cat" moments.
  12. Week 4 - Falcons talk

    You guys clearly haven't been paying attention to drafts in the Marvin era. They're going CB. Book it now.
  13. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    He's struggled with speed rushers this year and I've also heard rumors that he's not 100% healthy. Combined with 4th quarter fatigue...
  14. Week 4 - Falcons talk

    Lap was saying that the Bengals are something crazy like 43-1-1 in the Dalton/Green era when putting up 25+ points.
  15. Week 5 - Dolphins talk

    My only concern is an emotional/mental thing coming off the Falcons win. It's not unusual to see teams come out flat after wins like that.