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  1. 2020 Draft

    My dream scenario would be: 1. Burrow 33. Queen 65. Isiah Wilson from Georgia 4th. Robert Hunt from Louisiana 5th. Thaddeus Moss 6th. Tyler Johnson, MN. 7th. Lamar Jackson, NE
  2. My Wishlist for #33

    Reaching is always bad....I agree there are enough great players in this draft that if you stick to your board and pick the BPA (within reason) you will end with a heck of a draft. Simmons is a no doubter top ten. I believe you need to be in the 25-28 range to ensure you get a shot at Queen or Murray....I believe it is highly likely that both will be gone by 33. That being said there is always Delpit, Baun, Ruiz or one of the great WRs going to be sitting there. At least 3QBs (likely 4) will go Rd. 1 let's say 4. All five of the OTs will likely be gone by the Vikes pick at 25 that's nine selections off the board). At least two CBs will go and one satety. At a minimum 5 WRs will be off the board by 33. Simmons and Brown makes it 19 picks accounted for and 3 Edge will make it 22.....that means out of the ten remaining selections one of those 11 guys listed above will drop to us at #33 (not including Jones)....these guys would all be first rounders in almost any draft. The draft always lands a curve ball or three during the first round so it is highly likely that the Bengals have their pick of several amazingly talented players at the top of rd.2. If we reach on a Harrison or Davis-Gaither at #33 we make our team worse.
  3. My Wishlist for #33

    I would like them to trade up into the late 1st to ensure that the guy they need is still there. They have trade-able assets
  4. These are the guys I would love to get at #33. With the depth of this group some of these guys (who all carry first round grades) will drop to #33. Sorted by Position Group. This is my wishlist for the top of Rd. 2. OT: Josh Jones, OT, Houston. Seeing Ezra Cleveland mocked here but he is too raw IMHO to go this high. If the draft unfolds badly for us we could drop back collect extra picks and take him mid to late 2nd round. There are better players that will almost certainly be available for #33. For the record, I don't see Jones making it past the Vikings at #25. IOL: Cesar Ruiz, IOL, Michigan. From a physical standpoint Netane Muti from Fresno would also be a candidate here but he has had major injuries the last three years, too great an injury risk to take at #33. LB: Patrick Queen, LB, LSU. Likely not available but would sprint to the podium (virtually) if he is. Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma. ditto Queen Edge: Zach Baun, OLB/Edge, Wisconsin Safety: Grant Delpit, S, LSU WR: Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson. One of these WRs will drop to us....would be happy with any of them. Shenault is my favorite, Mims and Jefferson tied for second. CB: Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU. Seriously doubt he will drop this far, but seeing him fall on several draft boards.
  5. General Free Agency Thread

    Dennard and Wayans are best friends, odd that Wayans would sign and then Dennard would leave.....
  6. 2020 Draft

    And you almost have to trade down in front of the Vikes to get a sniff at Josh Jones who is the last tackle IMHO with day one starting talent
  7. 2020 Draft

    Simple.....There is increasing steam that the Redskins will take Tua if the Bengals take Burrow, on top of that QB hungry teams like LAC or Carolina might try to leap frog Miami by trading up with Detroit or the Giants. It is very possible that Dolphins, if they sit still at #5 are looking at a scenario that the top three QBs are gone and Miami has much less at QB than the Bengals have right now. If they trade up with Cincy they have their pick and don't have to worry about it. They still keep their original selections in all the rounds (outside of rd. 1 where they move up from 5 to 1) so you can look at it as they traded Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick for the first pick in the draft guaranteed. Now, if Miami doesn't offer enough, the fall back position is to just take the highest graded college QB since Luck, so the Bengals are in the best possible position. This is the draft to accumulate draft stock because of the immense pool of talent.
  8. 2020 Draft

    I have to admit, the more I run this draft simulator the more I want the Bengals to trade out of the #1 slot and bypass QB all together until about the 4th round. Free Agents are not going to choose Cincinnati willingly. It's like a guy going to a Trump rally dressed as his favorite My Little Pony. The image of this team almost as bad as it was in the 90's. The only way to get the infusion of talent that this team needs is to take this golden opportunity and amass a ton of picks, particularly in THIS draft which is the best overall draft I have ranked in almost 30 years. With the show Herbet and Love put on in Indy I could legitimately see 4 QBs going in the top 7. Miami definitely could be sitting there at #5 and have their top three QBs already off the board which would be a disaster for them. If Miami were to offer #5, #18, and #26 in the 2020 first round and #56 in the second as well as a first next year I would take that deal. Here is a simulation with the Bengals offering #1 and our sixth rounder to the Dolphins for #5, #18, #26 and #56 as well as the Dolphins last 7th rounder (and not shown in the simulator but a first rounder in 2021 would have to be in the mix). #5: Isiah Simmons, LB, Clemson: You want to fix your defense.....this is how to do it, the guy can play three positions (four in a pinch) and play them well....he is faster than all but 4 WRs at 6'4" and 230 lbs. #18: Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia: Imagine Williams at LT and Thomas at RT for the next 5 years....Thomas is a superb technician and would lock down the RT position for a decade. #26: Grant Delpit, S, LSU: Having Delpit and Simmons manning the middle of the defense will radically change the tone of the defense. #33: Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado: The final piece to our receiving core, big bodied guy that is uber quick and can make short gains big ones. Can line up at multiple positions. #56: Netane Muti, OG, Fresno State: Road grader of a RG. #97: Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma: The guys has won and improved his skill set at every place he has been. I will take a gamble on greatness with a guy of his character and leadership. Stopping here.....Give Andy Dalton another year. Give him A.J. Green on the Franchise Tag with Boyd, Ross, and Shenault. Green and Dalton need to have career years to setup their last big contract so they are well motivated. You spend 2020 evaluating Hurts, if he doesn't wow you, you have the ammunition to go up in the first round next year, maybe even to #1 to grab Lawrence. I am, however willing to bet that Hurts comes in and devours the playbook and shows some major improvement and in that case, you spend the draft capital adding pieces to an already loaded young roster. My Line is set for the foreseeable future with Jonah Williams at LT, Michael Jordan at LG, Trey Hopkins at Center, Netane Muti at RG, and Andrew Thomas at RT....that is shaping up to be the best O-Line in the NFL. If you want to argue about Thomas not being there at #18, it is possible but one of the top four Tackles will be....Wills, Wirfs, Thomas, or Beckton...I would take any of them and plug them in (My favorite is Wirfs). On D....I have just ratcheted up the speed to 11. I have a Swiss Army knife that I can use all over the field with Simmons. On passing downs I can play him at Safety or bring him off the edge to rush the passer or play him in a 5/2 look with Germaine Pratt. Forget Delpit's tackling issues, the guy is a major playmaker..... The only way I see the Bengals getting the infusion of talent necessary to build a Super Bowl caliber team is by passing on a QB early and trading out of #1. The Dolphins might take this deal because they still get a pick in every round and even the first round next year out of this deal....
  9. 2020 Draft

    Mims can't catch the ball......all the athleticism in the world doesn't help you if you drop 13% of the catchable balls heading your way. Hard pass on Mims in the second.
  10. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    He really has managed this perfectly. That speaks well of his ability to manage the circus inside the NFL.
  11. 2020 Draft

    I would say only the Dolphins have the ammo to pull this off but they won't and they shouldn't. The reason they traded Minkah Fitzpatrick and Tunsil was to make sure they had an opportunity to select multiple impact players in this draft because this draft is historically good.
  12. 2020 Draft

    It is worth the exercise. I am a Burrow fan and I want to see him with the Bengals and to lead our team but he doesn't fix our LB corp or Offensive Line issues. If Miami were to drop all three first round picks and their second second round selection AND a first next year...I would be inclined to take that deal. What I would do is keep Andy Dalton at QB in 2020. I would draft Isiah Simmons at 5. The best Offensive Linemen or WR or DB at 18. I would draft Offensive Line at 26 unless I took an OLineman at 18, in that case I would take the BPA at 26. Commonly this draft looks something like this.... 5: Simmons 18: Andrew Thomas 26: Laviska Shenault 33: Grant Delpit 56: Netane Muti or Matt Hennesey at RG 4th Round: I take Jalen Hurts because that guys is a football player and while he may not have the requiste arm strength, I will take a chance on a guy like that with his leadership skills. 5th Round: Jordan Elliot or Tyler Johnson or Thaddeus Moss....whomever of those three players drops into our lap. I have traded 6th and 7th rounds to the Dolphins so no picks there. I then take the 2020 year starting Dalton but evaluating the hell out of Hurts. If I feel he can be developed then I take the 2021 draft to further pad the roster...if not we package picks to make sure we get Lawrence.
  13. 2020 mock draft

    I would be comfortable with this draft.
  14. 2020 Draft

    I just did a TDN mock that broke the draft.....of course this is just fantasy and would never happen in a million years but, I traded #1 and our 6th and 7th round selections this year for Miami's three firsts (#5, #18 and #26) and the later second round selection (#56). I have run this scenario several times and never had this outcome before. I post it here just for kicks and giggles. Miami passed on Burrow @ #1 to select Chase Young. That caused Burrow to drop down to us at #5. In reality if this were the happen someone would move up (likely us) to Detroit at #3 to select Burrow but in the simulator only user initiated trades are approved, so..... I selected Joe Burrow at #5. At #18: Andrew Thomas, I still think he is the best Tackle in the draft... At #26: the best player on the draft board was Tristan Wirfs so I took him At #33: Kenneth Murray was still there....took .5 seconds to hit the draft button... At #56: Netane Muti was there and I though what the heck let's just fix the oline once and for all.....\ at #65: Selected Bryce Hall, CB, Virgina....no idea how he dropped that far. at #97: I drafted one of my favorite sleepers in this draft Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois at #129: I drafted my favorite late round WR, Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota.... Our starting OLine would be Jonah Williams at LT, Tristan Wirfs at LG, Hopkins at C, Netane Muti at RG, and Andrew Thomas at RT....I think that would do..... :) https://thedraftnetwork.com/mockDraft/CJO2u5oiO6
  15. 2020 Draft

    I like all of those guys as prospects. PFF is high on Netane Muti a guard from Fresno State. My projections all land him in the 50's, almost never available for 66. If we can trade back or get Chicago to trade us 50 for Dalton I could see him as the target in Rd. 2. His tape is pretty incredible. He owned the Minnesota d earlier in the year.