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  1. Not sure there is a plan....you can.not.start a season with 4 lbs and 8 total olinemen.....
  2. Offensive Line

    Jerry has been cut, God I hope that means they are making a trade.....
  3. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    My position hasn't changed. I would shelve AJ with the IR - Return Designated label until week 9, rushing him back is only going to make a bad thing worse. Let's see what these kids can do, without an Offensive Line this team isn't going anywhere this season.
  4. Offensive Line

    Williams would boost both OLT and RT positions. Glenn is a more natural RT so sliding him over would be a perfect fit. As for Williams being fit to play this is a barely 30 year old who has graded out as a top tackle in the league 4 years in a row.
  5. Offensive Line

    Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were considered "can't miss picks" as was RG3. As good as Fromme, Herbet, and Tagovailoa look there are no guarantees that any of them are better than Dalton. Last I checked the combined playoff win percentage from Winston, Mariota, Griffin, and Watson are the same as Dalton's, whereas 2nd Rounder Brees, 3rd Rounder Wilson, 4th Rounder Prescott, and 6th Rounder Brady are the class of this generation....It is a myth that you must spend a high first round pick to draft a great QB. Dalton has proven he can win a lot of games in this league with a competent OLine...I would go to war with Trent Williams, Jordan, Hopkins/Price, Hopkins/Price, and Glenn as my starting 5 and the team might shock a lot of people. Oh...and it might show the fanbase that you give a damn about winning....
  6. Offensive Line

    QB is not a top 5 need for this team. Guys like Dunlap, Atkins and Green are not getting younger, wasting an entire season for want of a future draft pick is stupid when you can fix this right now!
  7. Offensive Line

    For gods sake, give Washington our first next year for Trent Williams and be done with this...Williams is better than any OLineman we could select next year.
  8. What I saw tonight was two bad football teams. Sloppy play, missed throws and some really bad officiating.....
  9. Offensive Line

    And Glenn is the one competent Tackle we have on the roster....I see lots of short passes, screens and three step drops in Dalton's future.
  10. Fantasy Football 2019

  11. Also two of those guys that are locks to make this roster were on the street before the Bengals called them (Jerry and Smith). They need to do something, I agree with Amphar, they have the skill position guys to make a competitive team but a shocking lack of depth on the Oline (I know losing Williams hurts but the team had to know that Boling was considering retirement, if that came as a surprise they need to communicate better with their players) and inexperience at the LB corp could keep them from performing this year. Get on the horn, trade some guys or draft picks or something and get some quality Olinemen. One injury at Center or Tackle screws the entire season, cannot start the year like that.
  12. This morning, I decided to try my hand at building a Bengals Roster. This is something I do every year because I am a giant nerd. My problem is when combing through the roster, I cannot find 53 NFL Players. We have talent on the roster for sure but there are areas of startling lack of depth. A good example is the Offensive Line, I came into this thinking there is no way they keep Andre Smith on the roster now, there is no way he isn't on the roster given what else they have to work with.... Here is my Roster, you guys let me know where I am missing guys. Offense: QB: They keep three with Dolegala on the PS. Dalton (duh), Driskel, Finley (can't stash him on the PS he will get grabbed) - no others left on the roster RB: 3 with Anderson on the IR. Mixon, Bernard, Trayveon Williams. Placing Anderson on the IR is smart, that will allow him to take a medical redshirt year and more time to get that knee right. This leaves Jordan Ellis and Quinton Flowers and neither are 53 man roster players TE: Keeping 3 - Eifert, Sample, and Uzomah on the roster. You can make an argument with either Franks or Carter making the roster but both seem like fringe guys, keep one on the PS cut the other. They still get a foreign player exception for Boeringer so stash him away for another year, that leaves just Schreck and he has show nothing the last 3 seasons. WR: Keeping 6 (7 with Green) - Boyd, Ross, Core, Erickson, and Malone all make the team. Take the best one of Tate, Morgan, and Damion Willis and put the other two on PS. Put Green on the IR and shelve him for the first 6 games, don't mess around with this give him time to heal. When I did my first 53 man roster I had all three (Tate, Morgan, and Damion Willis) on the PS which is truly where they belong IMHO). OT: Keeping 3 (yikes) - Glenn, Hart, and Smith ugh..... Jonah Williams goes on the Season Ending IR. Here is what is left over at Tackle....Kent Perkins, Keaton Sutherland, and O'Shea Dugas....these guys are not NFL caliber players IMHO. OG: Keeping 5 - Trey Hopkins, Miller, Jerry, Jordan, Westerman - I guess you keep Redmond but honestly he seems like a cut to me after three years of uninspiring performance, keeping 6 Guards does not help the situation at Tackle. This leaves just Justin Evans on the Roster to be cut. C: Just Keeping 1 - Price. The other guys listed at C is Brad Lundblade whoever that is.... Adding up 3 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 TEs, 6 WRs, 3 Tackles, 5 Guards, and a Center you get....24 One short of 25 and I guess you argue that Green will get the last slot but really we should IR him for the first six or risk further issues and complications. This is an awful tight roister, usually in my first draft I come up with 30 or so players, here I can barely come up with 25...not good, and that is with the Bengals carrying 3 QBs which is unheard of in the ML era. Defense: here it gets little easier but we are very much relying on young guys to step up CB: Keeping 6...Kirkpatrick, Dennard, Will Jackson, Webb, Russell, and Darius Phillips. This leaves Jordan Brown who feels like a Practice Squad candidate given the way he has played in training camp. This leaves Chesley, Davontae Harris, and Tony McRae on the Roster without a spot. S: Keeping 4, Bates, Shawn Williams, Fejedelem, and Wilson. Henderson gets a PS slot with Lippett, Cox, and Tyree Kinnel on the outside looking in. LB: Keeping 5, Vigil, Pratt, Preston Brown, Jordan Evans, and Deshaun Davis. Jefferson looks like a lost cause, Nickerson does not have the athleticism to be on an NFL Roster...this leaves Noah Dawkins, Curt Akins, and Sterling Sheffield. DE: Keeping 5, Dunlap, Hubbard, Lawson, Jordan Willis, and Wynn. The only other guys are Ringo, and Immanuel Turner and neither of these guys seem like NFL guys. DT: Keeping 5....Atkins, Billings, Brown, Glasgow, and Wren. Tupou seems like a PS guy. Linebackers are super young, Pratt looks like a find in camp but there is a lot of risk. I like the make up of the DE and DT squad, hopefully Brown can bounce back and be the guys we think he can be. The DB group also looks strong and reasonably deep....the LBers will make or break us. Adding this up, 6 CBs, 4 Safeties, 5 LBs, 5 DEs, and 5 DTs gives us 25. Specialists 1 K, 1 Punter, and 1 LS.... 24 on Offense, 25 on Defense, and 3 for Specialists gives us 52 players, scary that things are so tight here....
  13. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    How is 6'5" 318 lb Renell Wren "undersized"?
  14. 4th Round Pick (A): Ryan Finley, QB, NC St.

    Man what I see when I look at this tape is we needed to find a way to draft Kelvin Harmon.....It was as much a highlight reel for him as Finley...
  15. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Should we contact the Cincy police for a missing persons report? Mike Brown appears to be missing....drafting high character guys and not a single WR? I think someone is stuffed in a trunk.....I am worried for his safety!