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  1. 2020 Draft

    Anything but OLine at 33.....they need as much help at OG as OT IMHO and it is possible that the best player available at 33 is going to be a Guard or a Center....
  2. 2020 Draft

    Agreed....while I think it is doubtful that Washington trades away the chance to nab Chase Young, the NYG or Detroit would absolutely be listening to trade options. Too great a risk.
  3. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Anybody who has watched any tape of Burrow can see he has no arm deficiencies. His deep ball does not flutter at all. He can fit slants and even deep slants into tight windows.
  4. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Amended....Get a good O-lineman in FA...not some castoff not wanted by any other team. Go after a quality guy and spend some f'ing money
  5. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    A REALLY good tackle is going to fall to us at #33. Looking at the prospects, a Josh Jones, Mekhi Becton from Louisville, or Austin Jackson from USC, or or Jedrick Wills from Alabama is going to be sitting there for us, on top of that, in RD. 3 a Guard from Fresno State that PFF just gushes over is slated to be available (Netane Muti) if he goes before 66... There Lucas Niang from TCU or the two guys from Oregon, or Sternberg from UK....these all great prospects. My point in writing this is...you draft Burrow, the next two picks should be the best OLine prospects available. The easiest way to waste this #1 overall selection is to put put him behind this travesty of an oline.
  6. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Against a Defense that had won 29 consecutive games....pretty incredible
  7. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Agreed. Watson might make his way onto that list and Tua might get there also if he can stay healthy.
  8. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    If Mike Brown passes me his beer it WILL be poured over his head.
  9. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    They can't screw this pick up, can they?
  10. 2020 Draft

    Dalton gets the ball out of his hands quickly, and particularly this year where it seemed that every pass was within 10 yards of the LoS. Dalton knew his oline was garbage and did not even attempt to do a standard drop. No, I do not buy the oline wasn't as bad as we think line because the tape does not back it up. PFF had one of the worst grades ever as a unit for the 2019 Bengals Oline, ever for any team.... We just had a QB that adjusted his game to accommodate.
  11. 2020 Draft

    That said a Guard selection with the sixth overall pick in 2018 did more to shore up the Colts long term than did Luck IMHO
  12. 2020 Draft

    Thad Moss would be a REAL interesting pickup in the third if we end up selecting Burrow at #1....
  13. 2020 Draft

    Joe Burrow is the best QB Prospect I have scouted since Andrew Luck (I am a hardcore draft nerd and have scouting profiles for drafts going back to the 90's). He seems to have the "it" factor that all highly successful QBs seem to have (Competitive Fire, Passion for the Game, intense competitive nature etc.). He checks off all the boxes: Arm Strength: check (I don't care what the scouting reports say from the start of the season, watching his tape I see no issue with arm strength what so ever, his balls go deep downfield with almost no fluttering), Mobility: check, Leadership: check plus, Football IQ: Check Plus, Accuracy: check plus, etc.. For the Bengals, specifically, he is an even better prospect; local kid (relatively), ties back to the community, etc. This all being said, the question that keeps rattling around in my brain is around Andrew Luck.... Andrew Luck was a perfect QB Prospect. Body Shape, Athleticism, Football IQ, long time Power 5 starter with a great book of film, son of an NFL QB, I could go on...he was perfect and yet he did not propel a mediocre Colts organization to Elite status. Now, some of that is due to injuries that derailed and eventually ended his career, but that facts are that, while not a bust Andrew Luck did not fix the Colts. With Burrow, we have one year of mediocre tape and one year of tape that is superb (probably the best ever coming from an SEC QB). Was it the system? Is Joe Brady just that good? Particularly about injuries, while there are no red flags (there weren't for Luck either), his body has taken a lot fewer hits than a normal senior college QB so, can he stand up to the rigors of an NFL season? These things NO ONE can answer. Do I think Burrow will be a good/great NFL QB...Yes I do. Will I be thrilled if he is their pick at #1...yes I will be. If someone is willing to back the Brinks truck with picks up to the Bengals door and the deal is right, you take it... Let's face it the Bengals scouting department needs all the help it can get. Again, I don't think that will happen...the only team with the draft capital capable of making the blockbuster trade that would be required it Miami and the reason they traded all the trade-able assets on the team was to build draft capital for this draft....I think Burrow will be the pick and I think that is awesome. Onto #33....OLine or Linebackers. The third round for skill position (WR or TE) I think Murray from Oklahoma will end up dropping and either Alex Leatherwood, Josh Jones, Jedrick Wills, Sam Cosmi, or Austin Jackson will be there for the Bengals at #33. My preference is in the order I stated previously with Leatherwood and Jones the top two prospects (it is a given at this point that Thomas and Wirfs are going to be long gone by #33). I would like us to spend the second pick on OLine but if a top Linebacker prospect were to drop they might go that direction and that would be ok given the state of our Linebacker corps. If they go LB at #33 then Mekhi Becton from Louisville or Lucas Niang from TCU would be strong 3rd Rd. prospects to go after.
  14. 2020 Draft

    I agree with this Hokie but there has to be a line where you have to be open to the thought of trading down.. I think all of this is academic because I don't believe Miami will offer us three first rounders + a second to fall down from 1 to 5. As you say this is not a one year rebuild and this team is not just a QB away. Let's say we forego a QB all together. We take Isiah Simmons at 5, Josh Jones at 19, and Murray or Chaisson at 24. We have completely overhauled our two biggest roster holes in a single draft heck, a single Round, take the best available IOL at 33 and the best TE with Miami's second and you have injected a major amount of young talent into the roster....that is not worth passing on Joe Burrow? As you say there is always 2021...
  15. 2020 Draft

    If Miami were to offer all three first round picks and one of their two second rounders, I would think about trading down...anything short of that would be a hard pass for me. Tua + Chaisson + Josh Jones + Lemieux might be greater than Burrow...