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  1. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Don't disagree but the fact remains that we make it easy for the other teams because we consistently telegraph our punches.
  2. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    See this is Ragnow all over again....if everyone knows what the Bengals are doing it is easy out maneuver them.... Get a professional front office for f*cks sake.
  3. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Clark Harris has resigned.....Super Bowl bound!
  4. 2021 NFL Draft

    Very interesting site. https://grindingthemocks.shinyapps.io/Dashboard/ Average Draft position is a very interesting metric and watching the change as more information.
  5. FA O-line Ranked

    This.... The Bengals need to concentrate on the offense this year. You run the risk of David Carr syndrome if you leave Burrow unprotected and you need to give him weapons to mature with. If it is a choice between losing Lawson and WJ3 and getting two FA olinemen....I am taking the two olinemen everytime. Get me Moton/Williams and Thuney/Scheriff and draft Chase/Pitts and I will be a very happy man. Villanueva would also be a good choice at RT. I hear nothing about Warford at RG but he is still young and a multiple pro bowl player....not sure what is going on with him but he is not on anyone's list...if he is right he could be a great option at Guard if they can't get Thuney for some reason. (This may be moot because I do expect them to sign Thuney at a minimum). What I am very afraid of is the Bengals deciding that they are comfortable at Tackle with Williams and Sewell, getting sniped at 4 either by Atlanta or someone trading into Atlanta's spot to take Sewell and them picking Slater because he is the next guy only to find out the his physical limitations show up at the NFL level and they waste a year of Burrows development behind another terrible line. Again, my off-season plan is summed up in one sentence. "F*ck the defense!"
  6. FA O-line Ranked

    Thuney is a Super Bowl winner, has been on winning teams his entire career (except last year). My hope is that he can bring the leadership and study habits to the team to help guys make that leap. The fact that he grew up a Bengals fan is just icing on the cake. My dream FA would be: Moton Thuney and draft Dickerson in the second round after taking Chase or Pitts in the first. Obviously if he is there and you whiff on Moton or Williams you have to take Sewell at #5. You absolutely have to get Thuney or Scherrif in the offseason IMHO.
  7. 2021 NFL Draft

    Pitts, Devonta Smith has a body type that is just begging for an injury laden career, very much like Calvin Ridley. Waddle is very quick and fast but he is 5' 9" so not a blue chip prospect though I really think he will be a very good NFL player.
  8. 2021 NFL Draft

    And he is soooo proud of what he did for the Bengals (calling us "big winners").....there are only 3 blue chip prospects in this draft that are not QBs and he has us missing all of them for a guy without a defined position an extra 2nd and a 2nd in next year's draft....I think I would throw my TV out the window if the Bengals did this......there are drafts where you want to trade out of the top 5, this is not one of them.
  9. 2021 NFL Draft

    Good measurements for a tackle, need to go back and watch tape of him....not terribly familiar with Eastern Carolina football....
  10. 2021 NFL Draft

    https://gbnreport.com/2021-picks-by-team/ Colin has never been wrong yet
  11. 2021 NFL Draft

    Personally, I want the Bengals to do what it takes to resign Lawson and Jackson, Jr. get Moton (or Williams) and Thuney (or Warford) in Free Agency and a proven deep threat WR which would allow us to go into the draft and just take the BPA in every round. Other teams play tricks with the cap there is no reason why we can't get creative and do the same thing to fit all those guys onto the roster. No reason except, well, Mike Brown is our GM........and he is allergic to creativity.
  12. 2021 NFL Draft

    Absolutely, but, if Sewell is gone do you want to reach for a tackle and pass up superior talent at another position? Sewell because of his youth, size, length and athleticism is worth the #5 pick. No offense to Slater or Darrisaw but their skill set is not nearly as rare and thus, they are not worth the #5 pick IMHO. Slater is a top 15 guy, Darrisaw is top 20. Radunz from North Dakota might be a better prospect than either of them. Sam Cosmi is a starting caliber guy that can be had at the top of rd. 2 and might turn out just as good as a guy you reach for at #5. Same is true for Carman, or Jenkins, or Leatherwood and some of those guys (more than one) will fall to us in Rd. 2. The difference between Sewell and 5the rest of the tackle class is stark because he is young and long and suberly athletic. Slater has none of that, he is a great technician and is very smart but those are traits you also get from Liam Eichenberg in the top of the third round. Winning the draft is not just about drafting good players but about maximizing your draft position. At #5 you need to draft a superstar because you hopefully won't have that ability next year. Chase is a WR who has no limits or deficiencies in his game, we have an added bonus in that he is comfortable with our starting QB. Pitts is a generational talent and it is hard to find those guys at TE, a position that is getting increased attention due to the success of teams with those guys in the last 10 years (seriously match Super Bowl participants and Pro Bowl or All-Pro TEs it is really amazing what a superior TE can do for your offense). Either Sewell, Pitts, or Chase will be there at five you can almost write that in stone and the Bengals HAVE to walk away with one of them. In the second round you still have to evaluate the draft board, if you grab Pitts or Sewell in Rd. 1 and you know that you are desperate for a field stretching WR (because none of your guys can get separation on deep routes effectively) then you have to get a rd. 2 WR particularly since this is a VERY deep Tackle draft and you know you will be able to pick what would usually be a first round talent at that position at the top of rd. 3. There are only 9 guys in this draft that can get separation on deep routes (either due to insane initial quickness or flat out topline speed) all of those nine guys are gone by the time we pick at the top of rd. 3 you can bet on it. and we need that ability....now if you want to fill that need in free agency great, it opens things up to draft BPA in the first and second round.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft

    I don't think Marshall at 37 is a pipe dream....right now on most boards Terrence Marshall, JR is the seventh or eight WR behind Chase, Waddle, Smith, Rondale Moore, Rashad Bateman, Elijah Moore, and Kadarius Toney. I would be shocked if seven WRs go before our selection in the second round. In the last 5 drafts, only once has there been more than 6 WRs go before #37 (last year). If someone does grab Marshall early there is like one of the previous 7 available or someone like Dyami Brown from UNC who would fit the Bengals nicely. you could still grab good linemen in the 3rd or 4th of this years draft. I love James Hudson from UC and there is a fair chance he is available to us in the 3rd. Quinn Meinerz from UW-Whitewater really impressed at the senior bowl and might be there at our pick in the 4th, Trey Smith from Tennesee might also still be available. It is possible to get starter quality oline in the 3rd or the 4th rounds. I have said it before, if I am running the Bengals I have a multiple hour meeting with Burrow and Taylor and map all the strategies out with their input. This draft makes or breaks our ability to compete during Burrow's rookie contract and so it is more important than ever to get this right and make sure we are in lockstep. also given that Burrow played with or against alot of these players his insight here would be incredibly valuable. Really, after Hudson the starting caliber tackles are gone.....PFF has him at #77 but the 13th Tackle on the board. IMHO there is no way 13 tackles go off the board before our pick in the third and whether it is Mayfield from Michigan or Eichenberg from Notre Dame, or the Fairfield kid from Clemson (Carman), or even Alex Leatherwood from Alabama (who appears to be dropping on draft boards) they are all great options. If you go hard after skill players in the first two rounds to ensure Joey has all the weapons he needs you then absolutely need to make sure your third round pick is one of the tackles because all the starters will very likely be gone by the time we pick in the fourth. I believe we need to walk out of this draft with a starting caliber tackle AND a starting caliber Right Guard. That said both positions are very deep. All the way down to Tommy Kraemer from Notre Dame who right now is #194 on PFF's draft board carry potentially starting caliber grades. Also with Guards and Centers, fewer will go in the first three rounds so it will probably be easier for one of those guys to slip to us in the fourth. Whether it is Sewell and Davis in the first two rounds or Hudson and Trey Smith in rounds 3 and 4, serious draft capital needs to be spent on this draft to make sure we do not repeat last year's disaster.
  14. 2021 NFL Draft

    Starting as a guard. 6'6" 325, absolutely mauls in the running game, he was so respected by Alabama's coaches and players that they brought him on to play the final down of the nat'l championship. Team captain, student of the game...graded out better than 91 by PFF last year playing against a ton of NFL caliber players. Is an injury risk but his ACL should be healed by training camp. An offensive line of Sewell at LT, Thuney at LG, Hopkins at C, Dickerson at RG, and Jonah at RT would be incredible and would set us up with a spectacular line for the entirety of Burrows rookie contract. As for waiting DJ and PFF have Dickerson rated in their top 50. I haven't run a mock sim with Dickerson landing to our selection in the 3rd in a month and have recently been seeing him occasionally landing in the late first. Without the ACL he would be the first IOL off the board. Here is a good write-up by Dane Brugler. https://theathletic.com/2378777/2021/02/11/nfl-mock-draft-zach-wilson-justin-fields-trey-lance?source=user-shared-article
  15. 2021 NFL Draft

    I am still at fine if we draft any of the following three. In order of preference: Sewell Chase Pitts Anyone else and I will start throwing things at the TV. Btw. Starting to see folks mocking my dream draft which is Sewell in rd. 1 Dickerson in rd. 2 and any combination of Elijah Moore, Terence Marshall, or Dyami Brown in rd. 3. My official 2021 draft philosophy is "f*ck the defense we are going to build this thing around Burrow" all-offense unless someone spectacular falls to us.