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  1. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Yes i am in...on vaca right now but will sign into yahoo next week.
  2. 7th Round: Mason Schreck, TE, Buffalo

    I was wondering if someone was going to make the Shrek joke...
  3. 5th Round #1: Jake Elliot, K, Memphis

    After last year i would take Mr. Ed.
  4. 5th Round #2: JJ Dielman, C, Utah

    You think Bodine is the 32nd best center in the game? Surely there are ome backup centers better.
  5. 5th Round #1: Jake Elliot, K, Memphis

    Elliot was highly regarded and might have a better leg, not sure why they would pass on Gonzalez though.
  6. 4th Round #2: Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee

    Ok why another WR? What the heck.
  7. 4th Round #1: Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn

    OT and Zane Gonzalez. K's cost us 4 games last year, Gonzalez is special and would lock down the position foe 10 years.
  8. 2nd Round: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

    He punched a woman hard enough to break her face. Anyone who punches women is a coward and personally i don't want to root for a guy like that. Kamara is a hell of a back Feeney fixes the interior oline there were options and yet the Bengals continue to pick bad guys....i am beyond pissed.
  9. 2nd Round: Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma

    Take Lamp or Feeney and take Pocic or Elflein later maybe early 4th and we are good. Of course what will happen instead is they will take Joe Mixon and i will have to buy a new TV.
  10. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    Forest Lamp.
  11. 1st Round: John Ross, WR, Washington

    Don't like this pick, special guy with major injury issues. Allen, Howard, Foster, Hooker were all higher on my board.
  12. Draft Pick Watch

    I agree though Thomas and Adams are really awesome leaders as well by most accounts.
  13. Draft Pick Watch

    I would be shocked if Foster goes before #9
  14. Draft Pick Watch

    In my mind there are four "can't miss" guys in this draft, guys that are leaders are solid off-the-field. Guys who are football nerds, eat, drink, sleep football. Guys who have the freakish athleticism to become stars at their position. There are two guys in the draft that are only one flaw away from being in that group and a bunch of ?. Guys i put in the first group are: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford Jamal Adams, DB, LSU O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama Christian McCaffery, RB/WR/KR, Stanford Guys in the second group are: Corey Davis, WR, Central Michigan Rueben Foster, ILB, Alabama Thomas and Adams will be gone by 9, Howard is not at a position of strong need for the Bengals, and McCaffrey may not be an every down player so his impact might not meet the requirements of a top ten selection (see Reggie Bush). Davis'concern for me is in translating his game to the NFL, some can do it, some can't, won't know until training camp. Fosters' issue is pretty evident, can he make good decisions off-the-field because everything he does on-the-field is exactly what the Bengals need. To me, the two best choices require that the Bengals move up, and there seems to be plenty of partners willing to drop back to the Bengals range. My target is Thomas, meets the biggest need and is an amazing player with a great pedigree.
  15. Draft Pick Watch

    I expect Solomon Thomas and Jamal Adams to go top 5, when you combine on the field production with smarts and leadership, those two guys stand out from the rest. You will get a good player at 9 no doubt but there are guys in this draft that are special and those special guys will likely be gone by 9. I will be happy with most anything except a drafting of Joe Mixon...i hope this team gets that some guys are just not worth it no matter the talent. I would moderately unhappy with Fournette who i feel is used up and not well suited to the NFL and i would not be thrilled with Barnett because i think the guy is simply a better college player than a pro. A guy i want 5th round or so is Joe Williams from Utah, fell for him watching the IU/Utah bowl game where he single handedly won the game and as i watch tape of Marcus Williams or Garett Bolles i am constantly drawn to Joe and find myself playing more attention to him than the other more highly touted prospects. The theft thing as a freshman is a meh issue in my mind, the quitting football thing is bigger but he was a much better player after he came back so maybe he figured out that football was important to him afterall.