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  1. Time to begin the rebuild

    This is why not trading AJ for another first round selection was such a disaster. This issue could be solved with more picks in this draft. Of course I have zero faith in the Bengals front office to do something with those picks, so....we are screwed until Brown hires a general manager from outside the organization and ponies up for a professional scouting Dept. Until that happens this is all moot.
  2. Time to begin the rebuild

    I would argue that QB is the biggest hole in the roster....Offensive Tackle is the biggest hole in this roster.
  3. Time to begin the rebuild

    You can be competitive with a hi avg to good QB - example Dalton, Brisset etc. QB is the riskiest position to pick high - too many examples to list As illustrated before this is a hugely deep QB class this year - Fromm, Eason, Jordan Love, and Jalen Hurts are all prospects that will likely drop to the 2nd or 3rd rd. The Bengals are many players away from being a winning franchise a dominant DLine and OLine is the quickest way to getting a team from bad to competitive - see Nelson, Quentin Next year is also going to be an impressive QB class There is a greater drop-off in DLine and OLine talent than QB You can trade the first pick in this draft for a freaking kings ransom and you need as much talent as you can get!
  4. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    Knute Rockne, Don Shula, and Bill Belichek all combined into one could not win with the crap they have been rolling out on the offensive live and the middle tier of the defense. This is all on Mike's head. that being said, Marvin would not have let it come to this, he would have forced the issue. Taylor does not have that power being a first time HC. Getting the #1 pick and drafting a QB will not fix this either....Get a ***damn scouting staff that is more than a couple of family and friends, hire a GM would looks at the NFL the way it is now and not back in good ole days. This is a multi year rebuilding program. The lack of aggressiveness or creativity leading up the to trade deadline really chaps my ass.... Anyone who thinks AJ Green is going to sign up to spend his last productive years with this two bit, cheap ass organization is living in a pipe dream.
  5. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    How about this for a trade.... AJ Green to San Francisco for Mike McGlinchy and the 5th they just got from Denver. McGlinchy is still in his rookie contract and is playing at a high level and it is very possible that the 49ers would balk at trading him but their offensive line is good and deep McGlinchy is playing the more devalued position at RT and their WR room needs a sure fire #1, there of course would have to be an agreement on an extension to go with this from the AJ camp. On top of that McGlinchy is currently injured and out for 4-6 weeks whereas Green is very close to ready to come back. For the 49ers, they need to go all-in for this season, for the Bengals, this season is shot, they need to look at the future and getting a good young Tackle prior to the draft would be a great move. On our end, McGlinchy at RT and Jonah Williams at LT going forward would pave the way to pick a QB in rd. 1 next draft otherwise we will need to fix the offensive line before drafting any QB IMHO.
  6. Zach Brown

    We should be placing a call to Zach Brown's agent first thing this morning.....
  7. Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread

    TEs can't catch passes when they are being kept in to block because our OLine is incredibly bad, maybe historically bad.
  8. Time to begin the rebuild

    It isn't the draft day decisions. That is on the coaching staff and scouting Dept. Here is where the Browns' fail running this organization IMHO. 1) they continue to go cheap paying front office personnel. They have half the number of scouts compared to league avg and a quarter of scouts than Dallas as an example. Also, they refuse to pay the front office personnel that exemplary salary that is due them, so they leave and are replaced at lower competency. 2) no creativity. Other team can look at free agency and move proactively to fill roster holes. Say what you want about the price they paid but Houston saw that their oline was going to hold them back and made the move to fix it with Tunsil. Likewise Minkah Fitzpatrick for the Steelers. Also on draft day the Bengals have consistently shown no creativity in the early rounds to Target a guy they need and go and get them. 3) lastly, they refuse to properly evaluate their team, they hold on the washed up players yet maddening let some players that still have gas in their tanks leave (Zeitler and Whitworth as good examples). This shit will never change as long as the Brown family refuses to step away from football decisions.
  9. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Favorite line if the year.
  10. Not sure there is a plan....you can.not.start a season with 4 lbs and 8 total olinemen.....
  11. Offensive Line

    Jerry has been cut, God I hope that means they are making a trade.....
  12. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    My position hasn't changed. I would shelve AJ with the IR - Return Designated label until week 9, rushing him back is only going to make a bad thing worse. Let's see what these kids can do, without an Offensive Line this team isn't going anywhere this season.
  13. Offensive Line

    Williams would boost both OLT and RT positions. Glenn is a more natural RT so sliding him over would be a perfect fit. As for Williams being fit to play this is a barely 30 year old who has graded out as a top tackle in the league 4 years in a row.
  14. Offensive Line

    Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were considered "can't miss picks" as was RG3. As good as Fromme, Herbet, and Tagovailoa look there are no guarantees that any of them are better than Dalton. Last I checked the combined playoff win percentage from Winston, Mariota, Griffin, and Watson are the same as Dalton's, whereas 2nd Rounder Brees, 3rd Rounder Wilson, 4th Rounder Prescott, and 6th Rounder Brady are the class of this generation....It is a myth that you must spend a high first round pick to draft a great QB. Dalton has proven he can win a lot of games in this league with a competent OLine...I would go to war with Trent Williams, Jordan, Hopkins/Price, Hopkins/Price, and Glenn as my starting 5 and the team might shock a lot of people. Oh...and it might show the fanbase that you give a damn about winning....
  15. Offensive Line

    QB is not a top 5 need for this team. Guys like Dunlap, Atkins and Green are not getting younger, wasting an entire season for want of a future draft pick is stupid when you can fix this right now!