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  1. I saw the "Space Between Us" last week. Seriously I couldn't recommend this flick for a rental. The premise sounded cool, but the film didn't deliver. I haven't been this disappointed in a film since "Saint Elmo's Fire."
  2. Camp Thread

    You can have the best pass catchers in the league, wide outs, slot, tight ends, whatever. But if your offensive line cannot control the line of scrimmage, it won't mean a damn thing. I'm not expecting much this year.
  3. Pre-season games.

    I wish I could post a pic of it here, but even with the latest phone, it's not up to what a real computer can do. I can put all kinds of stuff on Facebook. Nothing here.
  4. Pre-season games.

    Going to see the Bears @ Cardinals Saturday afternoon. Didn't really want to do a fake game, but the ticket was free and the tailgate party seemed to be the best part. Off to Phoenix I go. Carson Palmer better be on point!
  5. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Boyd was a great pickup. BTW did anyone see Burkhead in the Pats game? The dude is good.
  6. Pre-season games.

    Her phone was, but not a big deal there. She goes through about 2 a year. I don't know how her plan with Verizon works, but it can't be cheap. The main thing was getting her keys to the SUV back so we could get out of Phoenix and back to Prescott.
  7. Pre-season games.

    Whew! She got her keys back at lost and found at the stadium. I also got to see the field being moved out of the stadium!
  8. Pre-season games.

    Dimster, I had a great time. Unfortunately one of the girls that went with us left her phone and keys at her seat, which means I'm stuck in Phoenix for the night.
  9. Pre-season games.

    Jesus it's hot in Phoenix. 106 and it's getting hotter!
  10. Pre-season games.

    I saw the Cardinals beat the Redskins back in the '80's at Arizona Sun Devils stadium with my dad and brother. This will be my first trip into their new high tech home in Glendale.
  11. Pre-season games.

    He's on the Cardinals shirt I'm wearing. Him and Larry Fitzgerald. I don't give a shit anymore.
  12. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Got an email today from Yahoo saying registration for 2017 leagues is open. What say you Skyline?
  13. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    Couldn't agree more. Why take chances?
  14. One Year, $10 million

    He landed a good deal. Whatever keeps Karpernick kneeling on the sidelines is good with me.
  15. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    Glad to see Amphar back. Thought we lost him in the last down time.
  16. It's not the real deal yet, but it's better than everything else on the tube. Go Arizona!
  17. Amazing Discovery!

    It sucks overall. Occasionally you can catch a good game or race, but I find antenna TV mind numbing. Glad I got Direct at the house.
  18. Our O-line

    He was let go for a reason. The reason remains.
  19. Cat Scratch Fever

    As do I. Welcome Catz.
  20. William Jackson

    Picking off Andy in day one of camp is not what I would build great hopes on.
  21. Run On Your Own Gas

    Oh, and this is the worst slogan since the U.S. Army ran the "Army of One" deal. Sorry Mark.
  22. Run On Your Own Gas

    I'm trying to prepare for the on coming train wreck.
  23. Camp Thread

    Eifert should show up any minute now...
  24. Flacco Out 3-6 Weeks

    I believe we will see him in week one.
  25. Congrats Newman.

    123 races and your ass finally finds victory lane.Thank your crew chief for the no tires call. Your mechanic won the race!