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  1. Bye week blues thread.

    I'm cheering for two teams this weekend. GO CHIEFS! GO BEARS!
  2. And It Just Gets Better for Browns Fans

    I got them pegged for Oh for 2017.
  3. Bye week blues thread.

    Let them think a walk in the park is ahead.
  4. Bye week blues thread.

    If he is, he doesn't understand it. Andy couldn't read a defensive shift it was written on a table cloth in crayola. Mediocre college level QB.
  5. Bye week blues thread.

    Let's go Chiefs!!!
  6. Bye week blues thread.

    They made it a wee bit too close for me in overtime.
  7. Bye week blues thread.

    The Bears just caved.
  8. Bye week blues thread.

    Hue is best at being an OC. Marvin was best at being a DC. It takes a special kind of man to make a head coach.
  9. Bye week blues thread.

    Poor Browns. Getting obliterated again.
  10. Bye week blues thread.

    So far so good with the Bears. Up by 7 on the rat birds.
  11. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Got an email today from Yahoo saying registration for 2017 leagues is open. What say you Skyline?
  12. No Extension for Eifert

    Absolutely. His body just isn't up to the contact level of the NFL.
  13. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Again, NOOOOO!!!
  14. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

  15. Revised Prognostications

    If you have nothing but failure on the line, you gotta keep it fresh .
  16. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Point taken.
  17. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    What could make a day any better?
  18. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

  19. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    The defense is solid.
  20. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

  21. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Oh no... Not Green!
  22. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Lucky call, good call
  23. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Daltons receivers aren't helping.
  24. Bengals vs Bills 10/8/17

    Can't win when we keep turning it over!