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Why not get Brock Marion?


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I'm all about bringing in Brock. Also about Gamble, I think too much attention was brought on him not because he's overrated, but no one seemed to pay attention when he was shutting people down all game. Sure he had a couple of mistakes allowing Wisconsin the winning TD and completely turning me into a car wreck mess of hell talking sweet nothings to my Captain, but all in all I thought he was very solid. He didn't have the numbers everyone expected and maybe that's why a lot of people think he's overrated, but he shut down a lot of people too. I guess I'm just OSU biased. Well, yes I really am OSU biased. :lol:

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Gamble is overrated because college football pays too much attention to players that play "both-ways"... especially in the big ten.

DeAngelo Hall is clearly the better corner. Dunta Robinson offers a corner that has speed , and can hit like a linebacker.. but Gamble is a work in progress... He's 2 years behind any senior cornerback...and probably will take him at least 2 to develop into a solid starter...

If we're desperate for size.. Joey Thomas from Montana St. is 6-1 and 200 lbs... and runs a 4.40... but because he played at a lesser division , he's not gonna make the same headlines..we could land him in round 3.

I do agree with C.J.... we need a corner first , before another Safety.. Cause I can't see Kaesviharn on our roster next year.. No Way...

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