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Seems the Bengals have answered the Middle LB problem by signing Nate Webster from the Bucs...That would mean they plan on moving Hardy back to the outside....

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He was a phenom at Miami.. came out real early draft experts said though.....Same size and speed as Vilma... couldn't beat out Shelton Quarles for the starting middle spot !!

Has played in 63 games since he was drafted in 3rd. round from the U. of Miami Fla.

148 career tackles. 1 career sack. 4 career Pass defenses with no interceptions.

6'0 . 230 lbs. not sure about his speed now....

Have to say that ML must have watched that Miami workout ,and new that the defensive line and secondary will have to come first.

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Webster is fast - be sure of that...

Quote from Bengals.com:

The 230-pound Webster, heading into his fifth season, has six career starts and is known as a ferocious, fast competitor

Quote from ESPN player news:

Webster filled in for Shelton Quarles (forearm) on Monday night at Philadelphia. He led the Buccaneers with five solo tackles and two assists.

(Updated 09/09/2003).

Marvin is smart - he gets guys that will fit his system at good prices and avoids the temptation to break the bank for one or two players... Look at New England and their payroll - they continue to filter a few in and out as guys become overpriced on their roster, yet they do not lose a beat because their coaches know what their doing... FB is a team sport and u need quality at every spot. This is the philosophy to go w/, rather than paying a few superstars on each side of the ball and being forced to play average to below-average players at a few positions because of that...

Webster is our next starting MLB - my only worry is his size at 230 vs. the run, but speed kills and he is fast and aggresive...

Who's next?

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I'm definately likeing the pickup. Mb this frees up the ability to cut ross now. I love that speed in the middle of our defense now.

I think our next signee might be Herring. With possibly Roman and Beckett outta Cincy, we'll need him, and he'll fit good in the system.

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For what it's worth, ESPN NFL Football has Webster rated as a 60 overall at the end last season. Again, this is what a video game's ratings people thought he played like over the course of the season, so take it with a large grain of salt.

He has an 84 speed, but only 60 pass rush (compared to 75 for Quarles) and 76 run coverage (compared to 89 for Quarles). Best I can do for judging him since I can't find my game footage from every Buccaneers game from the last 4 years ;)

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Man , don't trust those video game ratings of players... If you get Madden or NFL Gameday , you'll see they keep giving Bengal Players low numbers... Hell NFL GameDay had Willie Andersons' ranking 71...???

Tell me that ain't ignorant... They put those ratings together based on popularity... I guarantee you , this year .. Chad Johnson will be a 93... Willie Anderson a 86 and RU-Dey, will be a mid 80's as well....

Even when Dillon went crazy a few years ago with that 1400 yard season and 13 touchdowns, they didn't even move him past his regular rating of 86...???

Those are nerds that put those games together.. not talent experts. You want further proof...?? Kurt Warner still has a rating of 97..??? :lol::D:lol:

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The game writers themselves don't make the ratings, AFAIK they hire their own scout teams of sorts to do it. There's far too many players for the people coding and testing to even dream about rating them all themselves.

And ratings are typically based on the performance we've seen. For instance, though Rudi was rated mid 50s in the original roster, at the time the game was written (before preseason), most people wouldn't have seen that as being very wrong. It wasn't until this preseason that Rudi showed signs of greatness, and then just proved it this season. His rating was bumped up to an 84 by the final release.

Can ratings be off by alot? Yes. But they are based on previous real life performance, and therefore are at least good for getting an idea of what you're looking at, rather than just looking at stats.

Also, in case you're curious, Chad is an 88 at the end of the season and Willie was high 80s at the beginning of the season and stayed there at the end (I want to say 88 or 89 for both, can't remember).

As for Corey being "only" 86, he's still a beast. It's amazing how much damage I can deal out with him, especially late in the game. I have multiple runs where he broke 3 tackles and kept on going.

Oh, and I haven't trusted ANYTHING Gameday has said or done in a long time. They've been crap for quite a while now, Madden and Sega/ESPN are the way to go.

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From John Clayton of ESPN:

The Bengals move to sign Bucs middle linebacker Nate Webster Wednesday night to a five-year deal will allow Kevin Hardy to move to his more natural position, strong side outside linebacker.

Webster was considered one of the steals of free agency, a fast middle linebacker with plenty of range.

Thought this was a posivtive comment :D

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Good singing, In Marvin we trust.....

I liked this quote from Hopsons article....

"You can take away my craziness, but I've known since high school that I have a knack for the ball," Webster told a Florida newspaper during this past training camp. "I can read plays and get downhill. I'm in the frame of mind that the ball is my food.”
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Check this out.....

'Lewis had high grades on Webster before the Bucs took him in the third round out of Miami of Florida in 2000. He says you couldn’t tell the difference between Ray Lewis and Webster on tape in college, and he says in college the 6-1 Ray – now 245 pounds _ was the size Webster is now. '


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