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More than 1 home field playoff game!


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Here is something written on Bengals.com.

"The win seemed the most gratifying to the old war horse of what has now officially turned from an outside shot into a team gunning for a home play-off game. Pro Bowl right tackle Willie Anderson has never heard his team called, “soft,” but he hasn’t heard the other word either."

I say they are playing for a 1st rd bye, and possibly homefield. The big games are the Colts and Steelers. If they win those 2 that will put them in the drivers seat for homefield. I don't think they should act like that is not possible. (The article) The AFC West is going to beat the hell out of eachother and the Pats have a target on their chest. I say win the division and at least get the bye. Great game Bengals!

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A lot hinges on the game against New England tonight. If they lose, the Bengals could have the upper hand if they beat Indy. Otherwise, even if the Bengals beat Indy, i see us losing at least once more which means Indy would have to lose a second game which I'm not sure will happen.

To even be talking about this feels great.

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Yeah. Football watching has never been so much fun in my life. I am a Bengals fan from Michigan. They were never on TV and it's great watching all of the games that have an impact with the Sunday Ticket. I'll be watching a ton of games that have an impact on Cincy. None of this was possible back in the day and nothing mattered with any other team because the Bengals were always out of it. God Bless Marvin Lewis!

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Forget the Colts. Even forget the game on 11/20 (which I am going to and cannot wait!). Of course we want them to win that game, especially if they are undefeated at the point, etc. The big game, however, is at Pittsburgh on 12/4. Seriously, they will either have to beat the Steelers in early December or else in Pittsburgh in the playoffs. We all really have to hope for a Steeler upset in the near future otherwise things will get hard to overcome.

Don't get me wrong, I'm with the Bengals all the way, and at this point will basically be satisfied regardless. But if we want to begin discussion about important games, home playoff games, etc. ... nothing will matter if they don't get the 12/4 game against the Steelers. What's it matter if you beat the Colts, but lose to the Steelers twice. You finish something like 13-3, but the Steelers finish 13-3 or 14-2, and get the division and homefield through-out. Then the Colts end up coming back to Cincy and if you are fortunate enough to be the Colts twice in one year, then you head to Pittsburgh for a 3rd game, having lost the first two.

See the scenario play out? I'll take a loss against the Colts if I could have a win against the Steelers. I'd much rather win the division, lose to the Colts on 11/20, and then potentially head to Indy in January for an AFC Championship Game. I would take my chances there much more than the other way around.

My two cents.

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