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Mock Draft

Harry J

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Here is a link to a mock draft I put together about a week ago. Granted it is very early and alot of things will change(did not know about Andrews weighing at 400) after the combine and FA. There are alot of reaches for current team need just to kee it interesting.

1. San Diego Chargers Eli Manning, QB - Mississippi

Logical pick for a team that has no faith in their current QB. They let an old man start instead of their young stud meaning they are looking else where for the future. Manning has the tools to help turn around this team. If they don't trade down to help out the Defense this man should be their pick.

2. Oakland Raiders Larry Fitzgerald, WR - Pitt

A true playmaker in college. His abilty to make the catch is what makes him such a talent. Is also a great great talent. Letting him learn from the best for a year could turn him into a star for many years. Along with Porter he would give Oakland something to hang the passing game on for years to come.

3. Arizona Cardinals Ben Roethlisberger, QB - Miami(Ohio)

The Cardinals are a good positon here, they have a shot at drafting a QB that other teams are drooling about. With the release of Blake and hiring of Dennis Green they are looking to turn the offense around in a hurry. They already have good receivers that could become great if they have someone to get them the ball.

4. New York Giants Robert Gallery, OT - Iowa

A safe pick for a team that seemed to give up toward the end of last season. Part of their downfall was do to injuries on the O-line. Everything I hear about this player has him being a force that could develop on the left side to give the Giants O a chance to make plays. With the retirement of Hamilton they could look to trade down and take a D Lineman, but at pick 4 any D lineman in this years draft would be a reach, unless someone shoots up draft boards following the combine. aka. D'wayne Roberston who moved up to pick 4 last year.

5. Washington Redskins Sean Taylor, S - Miami (Fl.)

Rumor has it they Like Winslow, but I think Gibbs would like to improve his defense. their secondary would be solid with the addition of Taylor, that is if they francise Bailey, which would be in their best interest.

6. Detroit Lions Kellen Winslow Jr., TE - Miami (Fl.)

I don't think Winslow would fall past the Lions, they would of liked to get their hands on Talyor. Winslow gives the offense a chance to explode. Along with Harrington and Rogers a tight end could really help spread the field. They also need a RB a need I believe they will address in the 2nd round.

7. Atlanta Falcons Roy Williams, WR - Texas

The Falcons would get a steal taking Roy Williams at 7. The have speed WR with Price and a TE and that has all the tools. O line is also a need if for some reason they pass on Williams look for them to take an O lineman like Shawn Andrews from Arkansas.

8. Cleveland Browns Shawn Andrews, OT - Arkansas

Don't forget just two seasons ago the Browns were a playoff team. They are set set and WR and RB, yes I know William Green is a coming across as a basketcase, but they have a star in the making in Suggs, injured almost all of last year made the most out his late seaon chance. Adding an O lineman in front of him will give them a chance to turn around this team. I could also see them trading up to get a QB. Word is they Fell in love with Ben Roethlisberger, but with two QB's already one of them must go before the draft.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars Ben Troupe, TE - Florida

Troupe is a gifted athlete, that could help this offense explode. Has all the tools. Much like Todd Heap, he could help spread the feild, if they pass on Troupe, look for the to take Reggie Williams. One way or another they are going to get Leftwitch some weapons.

10. Houston Texans Kenechi Udeze, DE - USC

Udeze is a sack machine with a big play mentality. Houston is a team that is getting ready to make a run at the playoffs. Their offense is set, so look for them to try to improve their D. This would be the place to start. If he lasts this long the Texans would be happy to to land him and let him make an impact as a rookie.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers Tommie Harris, DT - Oklahoma

The Steelers would love to draft a QB this year. But at this point it would be reach. Maybe Phillip Rivers. Still I believe that they would be shocked to find Harris still on the board and would not be able to pass him by. It is well known that in "The League" linebacker play is controled by the D line in front of them forceing double teams so LB's can make plays and they already have some very good line backers.

12. New York Jets Reggie Williams, WR - Washington

I know the Jets have more of a need on the other side of the ball, but still the idea of Pennington to have his choice between Santana Moss and Williams to throw to will be to much for the Jets to pass on. If they don't get Williams,look for them to take a DB like Gamble from Ohio State or Straks a DT from Maryland.

13. Buffalo Bills Rashaun Woods, WR - Oklahoma St.

Look for the Bills to try to find that spark of old, the departure of Price hurt that offense more than they could have predicted. Still Many sources say they are looking Defense. With an ex-offense coach taking over the team look for them to try to get the personal in place to turn this to around in a hurry. Woods could help spread the field and allow for Josh Reed to return to the slot, where he did so well only two seasons ago.

14. Chicago Bears Vince Wilfork, DT - Miami (Fl.)

This pick makes a lot of sense for th Bears. The LB play seems to have dropped off after Washington left so look for the Bears to address this by taking Wilfork who could turn out to be the Best D lineman in the draft. A huge man with strenght to spare could have the bears playing well on D agian real soon, an impact player who could start right away.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kevin Jones, RB - Virginia Tech

A true big play threat everytime he touches the ball. Has speed like no other RB in the Draft sub 4.4 by some accounts. This is a threat the Bucs need, Gruden likes getting the RB involved and Jones has limited receiving ability, but still is the most electric back. They could also go WR here, Clayton would be a nice fit but still Jones appears to be rare back that they will not be able to pass on. Look for them to consider a QB here also, as rumor has it they are not to happy with Johnson, but with the other Johnson already gone they do not have the luxary of drafting a QB here and letting sit for a year.

16. San Francisco 49ers Michael Clayton, WR - LSU

It seems as if TO will be gone and that means they will have to jump on one of the recievers in the first round, this position has depth in this years draft and that is theonly reason Clayton, a playmaker with good size, could drop to pick 16.

17. Cincinnati Bengals DeAngelo Hall, CB - Virginia Tech

As a life long Bengals fan I see the Bengals needing to address their Defense. They had problems against the run last year, a problem I believe they will address by drafting a D line man and a LB on the first day of the draft. Marvin Lewis should be given the gift of a talented defensive player that he can help mature. Hall is that player, A lighting quick DB, who at 5'11'' is similiar in size to other "shut down" corners in the NFL. It is said that his forty time is around 4.3 something that can not be taught and is rare even in the NFL. A great punt/kick returner he most likely start on special teams right away. The Bengals are very concerned with this position, last draft they considered taking Newman #1. If they don't go DB look for them to take DL Randy Starks.

18. New Orleans Saints Chris Gamble, CB - Ohio State

The Saints would be very happy to find Gamble on the board this late. A talent that could be off the board as ealry as the Jets(#12). A raw talent that has played both sides of the ball, could turn out to be a great player if given time to learn how to play at the next level. Has all the tools and the body to go along, at 6'2" he has the size to cover the taller WR. Size like this in a DB is rare, so look for the Saints to take him and develop him it a top Corner over the next couple of years.

19. Minnesota Vikings Dunta Robinson, CB - USC

A major reason why USC was able to play as well as they did and his talent level should be able to carry over to the Pros. A great athlete that could develop into a good corner. A downfall could be that he could need some time to be ready to play and not get caught out of position, is not afraid to help out against the run which is a huge plus.

20. Miami Dolphins Phillip Rivers, QB - NC State

The 'phins have been looking to find that special player at QB for the last couple of years. It does appear that they are not happy in their current situation and Griese could be cut by the draft, if so look for them to take Rivers let him learn the system for a year them hand him the team in 2005.

21. New England Patriots Steve Jackson, RB - Oregon St.

With Smith getting older, and not seen as the back of the future The Pats have a chance of taking a great back. They have other needs, but with 4 picks in the first two rounds they can go out and get themselves a reward for being smart enough to gather those picks. A RB like Jackson could help take this team to a even higher level offensively.

22. Dallas Cowboys Will Smith, DE - Ohio State

Quick, athletic and smart. Those are the qualities needed to be part of a quickly developing defensive unit in Dallas. They have needs at RB by that might be addressed through trades or later in the draft. Smith's only knock is that he is undersized, but in Dallas, undersized is the norm. He is an elite player and knows how to get after the QB, A perfect fit.

23. Seattle Seahawks Randy Starks, DT - Maryland

I doubt that Starks will be around this late but if he is then the 'hawks will be very pleased. Has played some D-end and could be the type of team player that they need to help improve their offense.

24. Denver Broncos Derrick Strait, CB - Oklahoma

The Broncos are in a postion where at this point they take a player of Strait's ability and let him on the field this year. A great college corner with a chance to become a good pro corner, likes to mix it up agianst the run, is not afriad to lay the lumber, the kind of DB that would be a nice fit in Denver.

25. Green Bay Packers J.P. Losman, QB - Tulane

Look for the Packers to look toward the future, if they do not get Drew Henson then Losman makes a replacement to be groomed and take the team over when Farve decides to hang them up.

26. St. Louis Rams Vernon Carey, G - Miami (Fl.)

Carey will be the first Guard taken. could step in right away and improve a line that is good, but lacking at the guard position, they also have secondary needs, but that can wait until the second round as most of the elite corners have already been drafted, still if the look to go that way safties are still aviable such as Oklahoma's Brandon Everage.

27. Tennessee Titans Jake Grove, C Virginia Tech

A dominating blocker and blessed with size and football smarts could start right away and solidify the Titans Line, they have few needs, as they are already grooming Brown to carry the ball next year.

28. Philadelphia Eagles Greg Jones, RB Florida State

A powerful runner that made heads turn during the postseasons, stronger than most NFL running backs. Staley is not the long term answer, and Westbrook has been injury plagued. WR is a need but I look for them to take care of this need during free agency mainly by signing TO.

29. Indianapolis Colts Darnell Dockett, DT - FSU

One of the hottest names at the moment, has risen on almost everyone board. Quick off the ball with the ability to make big plays. Could be dominating, after the combine he may move up even somewhere in the teens, but at the moment I can see him help a D-Line in Indy that could use some help to take the focus off of Freeney.

30. Kansas City Chiefs D.J. Williams, LB - Miami (FL.)

The Chiefs need Defense and DJ is a great defensive player. Is a great athlete who at 6'2" 250 has the size to play weak side linebacker in NFL. Madden said that DJ "was ready to jump from high school to the pros" after 4 years of college we will be able to see what he can do on Sundays.

31. Carolina Panthers Jonathon Vilma, LB - Miami (Fl.)

With Question marks with LB core Vilma, who should not slip out of the first round will be able to step in and start, the Panthers already have one Miami LB starting (Dan Morgan) so they would be comfortable taking another, a three year starter with the ability to make plays the only downside is his weight(210) but that can be fixed by the coaching staff.

32. New England Patriots Michael Boulware, LB - FSU

Boulware has the size and speed to play Safety in the NFL and that is what New England will have in mind when they draft him. The depature of Milloy will leave room for Boulware to play next season. He will be able to come up and support the run, and is quick enough to handle his duties in coverage. If they are afriad to take a chance on Boulware, look for them to draft another safty perhaps Bob Sanders of Iowa, At 5'8" is is a bit undersized but has a nose for the ball and will come up in run support to make the play. He is not afriad to make contact.

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