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I watched the game yesterday with an ex bengal


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So yesterday I am sitting at the BW3 in downtown Cleveland watching the game and half way through the first quarter some guy sits next to me at the bar. After a couple of plays I notice he is rooting for the Bengals and I commend him on his taste in teams. He then tells me that he used to play for the Bengals. I ask him his name and he tells me that it is Terrell Roberts. At first I am a bit skeptical but he orders a beer and the bartender ID's him and says thank you Mr. Roberts. Apparently he went to high school with Drew Gooden of the Cleveland Cavs and was up visiting him. I was impressed becuase he was rooting for the Bengals even though they cut him. He was not bitter and said it was the nature of the game (I am sure a nice injury settlement didnt hurt) and that he was still friends with guys on the team expecially TJ and Chad his former college teamates. So pretty much all game long me and Terrell talk football and the Bengals. He is rehabbing and hoping to come back to the NFL next year. He was a real nice guy so hopefully he makes it. Its always cool to find a Bengals fan in Cleveland so I was really pumped to watch the game with a guy on the Bengals roster a couple months ago.

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