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The NEXT GAME!!!!!!!!!!


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"The most important game is the next game"

-Marvin Lewis

If someone told you that the Bengals would be 5-2 going into week 8 you would be like "hell f**kin yeah".

So what, we lost a game to Pittsburgh, they out played us and we gotta eat s**t from their f**kin fans. We'll have our chance again to play them, its okay we had a bad game ts allowed to happen. But as of right now we're 5-2 and we're in 1st. We have that one extra win in the win column, they gotta win to make it up during our bye. WE DONT WANNA BE LIKE STEELER FANS BTCHING ABOUT A LOSS UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE YOUR NEXT GAME.

But any way we have the Pack coming to PBS next week. We will not have a letdown, we are very aware that in todays NFL that any team can beat any other team on any given sunday. Our boys know that, anything is possible with Favre at QB, but we will not let that happen, we wont let him beat us.

We win 27-17 over the Pack

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