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Don't know if any of you caught the NFL Show on ESPN last night, but Tom Jackson was talking about the Bengals loss. He said this is how it is with "up and coming teams". He said that this is a good team and they have to learn how to play the tough games. That all teams that are growing go through this.

This was a very good lesson. The Bengals did move the ball early. If the Chad TD would have been in-bounds or if Henry would have caught the TD things "could" have been a lot different. Of course that is what causes wins and losses, and I'm not making an excuses. They know the run defense needs LOTS of work. I have confidence in Marvin and Chuck to fix things. Come Dec 4th things could be a lot different in Pitts. Let the team learn NOW, instead of learning during the first round of the playoffs.

These are very different Bengals from the past. We will make the playoffs! Will we go to the Superbowl? Possibily...anything can happen once they are in the playoffs, but sure it's unlikely this year. But we will NEVER be the losers we used to be, each year will be better, and they will be champions within 3-years.

Keep your heads up, they aren't done growning yet. This is just the beginning of an awesome run!

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