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Who has been the NFL MVP through the first six weeks?


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The Chargers would be in a lot of trouble without LT, because he can do so much... but let's not act like Brees, Gates, and McCardell are a bunch of XFLers. They have a really good team.

In the same way, Carson has a lot of talent around him, but the QB is the most important player on the offense, and there is no doubt that he is playing better than any other QB out there.

LT may be playing better than any other RB out there, but Shaun Alexander has a lot less talent around him, so I am actually more impressed with him than LT at this point. (although not by much)

Bledsoe is playing with a less talented offense than Palmer, but it is hard to argue with the 2nd highest passer rating, highest completion percentage, most TD passes, and a 13/2 TD/INT ratio. Palmer is my vote all the way... (and I'm not biased at all. Who cares if I own a Palmer jersey and T-Shirt, and my computer's wall paper is a bunch of Palmer pictures?)

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No doubt it is Tomlinson. I love my Bengals and I surely love Carson, but reality is reality. No shame in that.

OK ... now let's pretend I'm a Steeler fan ...

"What! How stupid! f*** f*** This ignorant. This is so dumb!!! Where is Big Ben on the list! See, stupid nation. Big Ben is THE GUY! He's the MVP! Stupid fans. " (fan fads away in a drunken stooper chanting the world's dumbest mantra ... "here we go stillers, ... here we gooooooooo")

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Shaun Alexander already has 12 rushing TDs, that's f**king insane.

The Seahawks would be a bottom dweller without him.

Tomlinson has 10, plus 1 receiving, and 2 passing. LT is definitly the best player in the league, and the MVP. Palmers great, and he might win MVP at his current pace, if the chargers miss the playoffs, but right now its LT. Palmer and Alexander are 2a and 2b.

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