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Looking Desperately


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I realize that it is a stretch, but I would absolutely love to know if there is anyone else on this board that is or might know of a Bengals fan around this crazy town. Heck, I live only about 10 minutes from McDonald and thought about knocking on Coach Lewis' Dad's door! :P Could you imagine, actually watching the game with his Dad? Man, now that would be a dream of all dreams! Unfortunately, Sunday to Sunday, I sit in my living room watching whichever game happens to be on (uh ... Steelers), but with volume down and wireless laptop on my lap, 'watching' the Bengals game on the web, and streaming audio from wlap.com. Not bad I guess, but man would I love to enjoy these games with fellow fans.

If someone is out there that wouldn't mind another crazy fan wearing orange and black ... let me know! If you know of a place around Pittsburgh, or close to the Ohio/Pennsylvania or WV/Pennsylvania borders, let me know that as well! Heck, I've thought about driving down to tailgate ... I suppose that would be the best option, but it's 5 hours each way, and I might just crash on the way back if they should happen to not do what I hope/expect they will.

Go Bengals!

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