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Week 6 Power Rankings: Solidifying


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Hey guys, I'm back with my Week 6 power rankings :) This week, I have included the rank that I had them at last week, which is in "(#)". For the original format, please go here: http://www.pfcritics.com/pr/thisweek.php and enjoy...

1(1) - Indianapolis Colts

Honestly, unless you were the biggest 49ers homer in the world, did anyone actually believe the Colts would lose last week? They may very well get there best test defensively this week against the Rams. How many people still think Pittsburgh, New England, or Philadelphia should be ranked above them?

2(2) - Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers made an impact again, coming off of a loss and a bye week. The game they played against the Chargers was very similar to the Patriots game they lost, except the Steelers were on the winning side this time.

3(5) - New England Patriots

Whether you like how they do it or not, the Patriots have been able to beat the Falcons and Steelers this year - two legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

4(4) - Atlanta Falcons

You can claim that the Falcons lost because Michael Vick was out. Sorry, Vick doesn't play defense. Besides, the offense didn't do too bad in the end without his presence.

5(3) - Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles can't rebound from a 17 point deficit in the first half every week. If McNabb's health becomes an issue, then the Eagles will be in trouble, considering they appear to be in the toughest division in football.

6(6) - Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals suffered their first loss in what some call their first true "test". Still, Cincinnati fought hard and almost made a comeback, which warrants them remaining at the sixth spot.

7(7) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers also lost their first game and remain in the seventh spot. Based on the past few weeks, the Buccaneers should have beat the Jets. Like the Bengals though, the Buccaneers were in the game despite an off day from Griese.

8(8) - San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are probably the best below .500 team in the league. They really didn't do anything wrong against the Steelers, they were simply beaten by a good team.

9(10) - Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars got back on the right track by defeating a red-hot Bengals team. They almost gave it up late, but the defense came up with a turnover at the right time.

10(12) - Denver Broncos

The Broncos could be the hottest team in football besides the Colts. They have won four straight and have looked very good in each of those contests. Wouldn't it be something if they met the Colts in the playoffs again? We all know what the result would be.

11(11) - Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have finally done it: they've beaten the Rams. More importantly, they won on the road and have a huge advantage in the division now.

12(9) - Carolina Panthers

The Panthers fell because the teams above them played much better in their victories than Carolina did. How often do you give up nearly 400 yards passing and still win? I am getting more and more upset at Carolina's defense each week.

13(14) - New York Giants

Coming off of a bye, we will see if the Giants can continue their pace as the number one offensive team in the league.

14(15) - Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys may have caught the Eagles on an off day, but they still dominated the game nonetheless, despite the Bledsoe/Keyshawn situation. They may be able to move up a spot this week if they beat the Giants.

15(13) - Washington Redskins

For the second straight week, these three NFC East teams are in consecutive order in the rankings. The Redskins suffered defeat for the first time, even though they should've lost to the Cowboys a few weeks ago. Mark Brunell has been a pleasant surprise.

16(16) - Kansas City Chiefs

We'll see if the Chiefs' defense regrouped after two disappointing performances. If not, then you can't like their playoff chances.

17(18) - Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have to look past their loss to the Bills and look forward to the return of the one and only Ricky Williams. The return of Williams will be a huge story this week, especially if he aids the team to a win.

18(17) - St. Louis Rams

It's never good when a coach has to gone down. I'm not sure if it'll affect the Rams at all, but their defense cannot continue to give up 30 just for the heck of it.

19(19) - Oakland Raiders

The Raiders can't afford many losses after starting 1-3, so they have a chance to redeem themselves after the bye.

20(22) - Buffalo Bills

Going with Kelly Holcomb sparked the Bills offense. Although they shouldn't have allowed the Dolphins to slowly come back, they were still able to get the win.

21(23) - Cleveland Browns

There's no secret that the Browns' offense scuffled against the Bears; Trent Dilfer admitted it. The difference between last years team and this years team? The Browns stayed together and were able to win in the final minutes.

22(21) - Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have played the worst football in the league possibly, but I am still giving them there last chance to be impressive after a bye week.

23(24) - New York Jets

Don't count on the Jets getting a win with Testeverde as a sign of good things to come. The defense should still play well, but their offense won't be doing enough to stay in games.

24(20) - New Orleans Saints

It can't get much lower than losing 52-3 and your star running back in one game.

25(25) - Tennessee Titans

The Titans offense stayed hot in their win over the Texans. At the moment this doesn't look like a team that will shoot up in the rankings, but they're also a team that can pull off an upset.

26(29) - Green Bay Packers

The Packers took a huge step in the right direction by building their confidence up against the Saints. They did lose Davenport for the year, but they're getting used to dealing with injuries.

27(27) - Arizona Cardinals

If you take away some of McCown's turnovers, he, along with the Cardinal's receivers, are looking like monsters right now. Still, in the past two games, they only have one lonesome win against the 49ers to show for it.

28(26) - Chicago Bears

Kyle Orton took a safe approach by not throwing any picks this week, but it was too safe. The Bears' offense couldn't move well enough if Orton couldn't take a risk, and the Browns took advantage by scoring late.

29(30) - Detroit Lions

In my mind, the only thing that Detroit's win means is that the 29th ranked team defeated the 30th ranked team. Although in the same light, the Lions would be in the playoffs right now. Unbelievable.

30(28) - Baltimore Ravens

How embarrassing.

31(31) - San Francisco 49ers

Alex Smith was thrown in their too early, unless Nolan's philosophy is that Smith will find things easier in the future after seeing a tough defense. Still, it doesn't seem to make much sense.

32(32) - Houston Texans

There's a good chance the Texans won't win a game if they continue to allow Carr to get sacked eight times each game.

Thanks for reading; any comments are appreciated :D

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