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Help on the Penalty Front


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A couple of days ago I was on Bengals.com and I thought I would ask Geoff Hobson about a possiable solution to the Bengals penalty woes. He has not printed my question yet but it went something like this:

In the 70's and 80's the Dolphins were one of the least penalized teams in the NFL. One of the major reasons for that is that Don Shula used to have a ref calling penalties at all of the practices and it ingrained the rules into the players. Do you think there is any chance that Marvin would be interested in something like this?

It would not be that expensive, you could hire a retired NFL ref, a high school ref (after he had been schooled on the NFL rules), or even use use one of the lower level coaches to ref the practices. Something has to been done about the penalties.

Today I read on the site that a retired NFL ref was at practice and that there was no indication what he was there for. I dont know if Hobson mentioned what I had bought up in my letter or if it was a something that Marvin remembered from the 70's/80's that he thought he would try or if the ref is there to go over the rules with the palyers. But, if they are going to the Shula practice of having refs call the practice it could make a big difference in the yellow laundry.

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