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Oh.. Man... Am I feeling good...


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I just got off the phone with my Uncle.

He knows Matt Schobel Uncle, and he was able to get me tickets last year to the Titans game and New York.

Well I have asked him to get me 4 seats for the Pittsburgh game.....

Hopefully, I'll be there showing my pride... Where will you be?

WHODEY! :bengal:

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Oh, how I would absolutely LOVE to be there instead of in front of my tv here in Steeler land.

I'll be there 11/20 and 12/24 though ... but this 10/23 game is THE BIG ONE! Bring me home a winner so I can run naked through the streets of Pissburgh! OK, maybe that's a bad idea ... maybe I'll go the other route and clothe myself with every last piece of Bengal garb I have!

Be loud guys!! Be LOUD!!!

Go Bengals!

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Last time I get tickets for a home game, I was able to get them lower bowl, goal line, 10 rows up...

Right beside where the Bengals come out of the locker room.......

Hopefully, I'll also be getting tickets for the Indy game this year........

If you can't get tickets to the game..... Just go down to the place and yell as loud as you can where ever you can.... Be there... Be in the City... Come out.... Show you BENGAL PRIDE!!!!

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