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Pick Your Poison

The Big Orange

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Most people would pick picks anyday as the benefit is far greater...but having had a glut of picks and limited sacks, sacks was a nice flavor change. My hope is that this continues...we either kill you with turnovers, or we pound your QB to the ground and risk serious injury.

A little syanide with a stricknine garnish (if anyone gets after me over the spelling of either of these words I will quickly press your face into one of my fat folds).

The same can be true of our wideouts...triple team Chad and we will force you to pronounce a guys name with 4 random sylables or weep as a guy you ignored thrice in the draft catches over you. :drunk:

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B) H.O.F. hit it on the head. Constant pressure on the quarterback is the key. " It's like saying what the f**k ? What the f**k? .... brings freedom ........ freedom brings opportunity ..... opportunity brings success. And it all starts with .... what the f**k?"

Constant pressure brings hurried throws which bring int's ........ int's make the opposing qb doubt throwing quickly which brings sacks ...... and it all begins with ... what the f**k? .......... I mean constant pressure :blush: sometimes I get those mixed up.

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