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From The Bengals to a Steakhouse?


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Well, I don't know if anybody else knew this but I caught this little gem at Bengals.com when Willie Anderson was talking about sitting near Don Shula on the plane

“Dave (Shula) recruited and drafted me,” and when we landed, he came back to talk to me. He said Dave is really doing well with Don Shula’s Steakhouse

He runs a Steakhouse? Damn, no wonder the media ripped into Marvin when he signed on to become the Bengals Head coach....Guess he showed them....But poor Shula...ouch. From the NFL to a Steakhouse....And his dad had to give him the job on top of it all.

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Even more evident that Brown had no idea what he was doing...

I'm a little more cynical than that. I think ol' Mikey knew exactly what he was doing. He had a last name that evertbody recognized, and he got him for minimum wage. As far as he ( MB ) was concerned, that was an unbeatable combination.

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