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The group of criminals know as the Baltimore Ravens have some problems, besides their 0-2 start.

Profootballtalk is reporting that Ed Reed has moved his locker away from Ray Lewis' locker.

Reed has been in line to get a fat new contract. Which has Ray Ray pi$$ed. Ray Ray has been lobbying(in between stabbings) for a fat new contract for himself instead.Which has Reed pi$$ed.

Meantime it seems that prison $ex (pillow bitting) has not helped Jamaal Lewis' running.In 2 games he has

57 yards on 26carries for a 2.2 yards per carry,he should have ran from some of those guys to stay in shape.

Question of the Day

Q.) Ray Lewis and Jamaal Lewis are in a car who is driving ???

A.) The police man !!

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I think the Ravens have bigger problems then just Ray and Ed fussing over some dollars. They are not as good on defense as everyone thinks. They are still struggling to pick up on the different formations that Ray Ryan (I believe that is his name) has put in, and then lining up properly. Until they get that settled, expect troubles to continue on the field. :yes:

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didn't ray get a contract like 3 years ago for like something in the ballpark for 7 years 57million?

WESTMINSTER, Md. (Aug. 1, 2002) -- Ray Lewis was delighted about having enough money to keep his mother happy for the rest of her life.

The Baltimore Ravens were elated about securing their All-Pro linebacker for seven more years, and freeing up enough salary-cap space to begin negotiations with free agent defensive tackle Sam Adams.

On the surface, both sides appeared to benefit from the five-year extension that Lewis accepted. But Lewis, saw things differently.

Asked for his take on the negotiations, which lasted for nearly a year, Lewis looked over each shoulder to make sure there were no team officials nearby.

Then he grinned broadly and whispered, "I won. I got what I wanted."

The five-time Pro Bowl star, who had two years left on his deal, now has a new seven-year contract.

"I got what Iwanted" SO WHY THE f**k RU BITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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