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It's hilarious. ESPN and NFL.com do their national voting for who will be the D Rookie of the year and he's not even listed (nor is the "someone else will emerge" choice they had for the offensive one last week). So who does everyone pick? Demarcus Ware of Dallas. His stats last week? 2 tackles.

Odell tied for the lead on the team last week and had a pick. Two FF this week (man does he lay the wood). And this doesn't even account for the impact that his hits have on the game or the swagger that he brings to our D (I love watching him and Madieu celebrate together - those are the Marvin Made Moments that bring a tear to my eye).

I have no doubt he would have led the team in tackles yesterday if the vikings didn't totally abandon the run because of their predicament. So they have to pass and Deltha leads in tackles and gets three picks (how bout his two beautiful passes defended, too?). But anyway, you're right. We basically have to go well into the playoffs with a eye-opening record for him to get noticed.

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Didn't he get rookie of the week last week? That's decent love.

No. Cadillac got it. Probably will again this week, too. ODell finished second, so if you split it into O and D, I guess you're right. But I think a lot of Bengal homers were driving that poll, especially in the early going (I know I voted my allowable ten times).

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