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Rudi Johnson on the Web


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Rudi's online diary started today (sorry if already mentioned). Link. It's not that great, but I always enjoy the player's perspective. I remember when the enquirer used to have Levi Jones's rookie diary and I thought it was pretty funny how he would write about his mom being angry with him about allowing sacks and the Bengals lack of winning.

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I also love a player's perspective on things, and Rudi seams to be a great guy. That said, his first installment was quite weak. I want to know some behind the scenes stuff about the Bengals, not his opinion on who the funniest guy in the NFL is.

Suggested topics:

What does he do on a typical day?

Which guys always put in extra effort in the film room?

What does he do to get ready on game day?

Pretty mundane stuff to him, but (I think) interesting to us . . .

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