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Bottom line...no one knows what is going to happen


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Every year people over analyze and make predictions as if they were gospel...the bottom line is no one knows who is going to be good or bad..everyone is going off last season and off-season moves..Heart and brains are what makes a team..On paper the New England Pats are not the best team in the league...If the Bengals play to their potential and keep everything simple, they will win ball games, I do not know how many all I know is they will win. In the NFL there are so many games that could go either way. The Bengals could have very well been 11-5 last season..they also could have been 6-10. As a new season dawns on us tomorrow, the one definite thing I can say is that for the 20th season in a row, I will live and die each Sunday as I watch my NFL ticket in a foregin city(Nashville) and scram WHO-DEY with every touchdown!!!

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