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great article on bengals


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This is a great description of our reciving core...

Cincinnati is also home to the most gifted receiver in the division, the white-hat version of Terrell Owens- Chad Johnson. Johnson talks a lot of s**t like Owens and, like T.O. occasionally makes himself look silly with his verbiage (his Pepto-Bismol stunt against the Browns backfired badly, for instance). The difference is that Johnson, while not quite in T.O.'s class as a player, is coachable and ebulliant, not just an a**h*** for the sake of it. He also led the division in 2004 with 95 receptions, 1,274 yards, and nine touchdowns. Preserved intact in orange and black are the receiver tandem for the 2000 Oregon State powerhouse, as Johnson’s Beaver teammate T.J. Houshmandzadeh had 978 receiving yards for the Bengals last season. Kelley Washington has the makings of a good third receiver. Third-round pick Chris Henry is a physical stud, but had attitude problems at West Virginia. If Marvin Lewis straightens him out, Henry could contribute; if he doesn’t, the Bengals are still in good shape at the receiver spot. In fact, the only element this passing game lacks is a big-time presence at tight end, something the Bengals have lacked since the days of Rodney Holman.

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The biggest gaffe in the article is saying Shayne Graham is no Jim Breech. That's true. Graham is twice the kicker Breech ever was. I'm just so confounded when Breech is listed as a great player. Sure, he was accurate. Its a lot easier to be accurate when your leg is so weak that your team never tries a 50+ yarder. Graham is more accurate, plus he has a stronger leg. Although its not one of the strongest in the league by any means.

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