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Does anyone know what spot the Bengals draft in the second round? Are they at 17 also? I was thinking that if they could get a second round pick for Dillon, they could possibly have 3 picks between 17 and their regular pick in the second round (49th??). Does anyone know if they have picks in all seven rounds this year too?

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Since i'm sure everyone is expecting the Patriots to win the superbowl... meaning they'll have pick 21 and 32...

Since it's a forgone conclusion that they will be drafting a running back with one of those picks.. Maybe we could trade dillon for that 32..

We could rack up pretty good with an extra pick between 17 and 49...

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New England actually have 2 first round and 2 second round picks.. given that Corey is a proven elite running back (can you say "multiple pro bowls"?), with a cap friendly salary and taking his age into account, I don't think it would be asking too much for both those second rounders. Given our cap situation I'm not convinced we actually want any more first round picks as the salaries may prove difficult to juggle. Three second round picks would allow us to pick up some talented boys AND give us a chance to keep them.. which three guys would you take in the second?

Incidentally I'm not convinced we should let him go, but if we do now is the time

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Three second round picks would hit the rookie "cap" pretty hard. so we'd have to trade one away either for a 1st next season or trade down for later round picks to gather a top punter or kicker in the draft.

But if it were possible to take 3 guys in round 2.

Marcus Tubbs, DT. Texas or Chad Lavalais DT. L.S.U.

Nathan Vasher CB. Texas or Keith Smith McNeese St.

Max Starks OT. Florida or Chris Snee OG Boston College.

Several Teams feel that Chris Snee may be the best pure guard in the draft. But several Scouts feel he should have stayed one more year and only see him as a late 4th or 5th rounder, feeling that in another year he would be a 1st round pick guaranteed.

Grabbing him early in the Second could prove to be a great steal. If he truly only needs one year to be NFL Ready, a year from now we could be starting 2 probowl guards.

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