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Dr. Z justifies preseason predictions


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Tricks behind the picks

per www.si.com


1. RAVENS (11-5)

Why do I love them so much? Let me count the ways. I mean, better than the Steelers? C'mon now. The schedule, man, it's the schedule. Pittsburgh faces the Patriots and Chargers while the Ravens get the Jets and Broncos. Pittsburgh faces Indy and Green Bay on the road, the Ravens get that same twosome at home. Which means that I give Baltimore the same record as Pittsburgh, but think the Steelers are a higher-ranked team, straight up. Is this making any sense to you? "No," says my loyal wife. Hold on a minute, please, while I lock her in the bathroom. There, now I can proceed uninterrupted.

2. STEELERS (11-5*)

Now look, before you get all upset, both the Steelers and Ravens win in wild-card week, lose in the divisionals. So where's the harm? Honest, this is the way it played out on my game-by-game schedule. Last year the Patriots controlled the Steelers' running and put the game in the hands of the young QB, who hadn't been called upon to be the major factor all year. We'll see more of that, and Big Ben will have some success because he's a good player, but I don't think everything will fall into place as it did in '04.

3. BENGALS (7-9)

In 1990 an oversized safety named David Fulcher made the Pro Bowl for the Bengals. Six years later Ashley Ambrose, a cornerback, was selected. Then there was an eight year wait for a third defensive Bengal to be chosen, cornerback Tory James last season. And that's it for defensive Pro Bowlers for the last 15 years. Show me a few Tim Krumrie types and I'll get serious about this team. D-linemen, LBs, guys like that.

4. BROWNS (5-11)

Let's start with the offensive line. Naah, too depressing. Let's go to the defensive line. Nope, they're all in Denver. Let's focus on the new coach, Romeo Crennel. What's he doing out there with the flashlight? Looking for an O-line. Looking for a D-line. Good luck, buddy."

Sadly, i have to somewhat agree. The defense hasn't proven anything yet and i fear that Bresnehan may have few answers if the defense starts out poorly. Afterall, the guy admits his scheme is simple-stupid. If you don't have the players that can stop an opposing team, and your scheme is a simple 4-3 or 3-4, your out of luck. Plus, he seems to play more zone than im used to, and well TO showed on the first play what can be done to zone.

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Here's the big question:

How in the F is Baltimore going to win 11 games. Yes, the D is good. But that O is downright bad starting with the QB. J. Lewis has a bum ankle, Heap is coming back, and Mason is probably on the wane. Look at their schedule, which 11 will they win, Dr. Z?

sorry for the vent

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