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Steelers to Interview Jim Anderson


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From Bengals.com

But another team looking for an offensive coordinator came after another one of their position coaches when the Steelers contacted the Bengals about interviewing long-time running backs coach Jim Anderson. Anderson, heading into what would be his 21st season in Cincinnati, is expected to interview with Steelers coach Bill Cowher at next week’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., for the job vacated by new Bills head coach Mike Mularkey. On Friday, Cowher tapped former Bengals head coach Dick LeBeau for return to Pittsburgh and a second tour as defensive coordinator.

Back to Kirkendall - This would be a great oppritunity for Anderson and if anything I hope he gets it; he deserves getting a promotion.

BTW - Notice that the Steelers now want Bengals personnel, either current or former? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH... Welcome the Age of Helplessim, PITTSBURGH STYLE!

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Anderson has been the one bright spot on the coaching staff before. I mean, outside of K Carter how many RB's have ever done bad for the Bengals? Hell and it's not like Carter was the teams fault...he broke and was never the same back......There is no way I want to see Anderson leave, especially to someone in the division...and the Steelers to boot.

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