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Here we go Bengaldom, position by position.

QB We're in good shape, competition or not, especially if Kitna restructures to help the cap. Dump Matthews, pick up a second day draft pick for more youth, and if Kitna leaves after '04, pick up another veteran via FA.

RB A problem if Dillon is gone or stays. If he goes, great. Rudi is the guy and it frees up cap space. If he stays, who do we have if Rudi goes down? No other 20 carry guy. Lewis has a better bead on whether Kenny Watson can be a sufficient back-up or not, but we need a veteran if Corey goes and I think it's the end of the line for Brandon Bennett-thanks for the service, but he's going downhill.

WR We're set with Chad, P-Dub and a year under the belt for Washington. We need to pick up a serviceable 4th guy in case of injury and occasionally spreading the field, but that shouldn't be expensive. Bye-bye Houshmandzadeh. Walter is a good 5th guy and special teamer.

TE Can Schobel improve blocking? If so he's our starter next year. Stewart is a good 3rd TE. I like Kelly, but he's got no hands. This is a question mark position, but one we are okay on, and I do mean only okay, if we can't address it. This is low on the totem pole of problem areas.

T I like Levi, and Marvin will make sure he conditions well and keeps the weight down. Obviously Willie is great, but he is getting up there. We need a young guy for Willie to groom, but that could wait until next offseason.

G Steinbach is a future pro-bowler. Unless Goff is expensive, he should be our starter again. Keeping a line together under a good line coach is imperative. Goff won't go to any pro-bowls, but he's good, knowledgeable and we're not gonna have stars all across the line. Too much $$. Depth is a question.

C Braham is a leader. Smart and still good enough to spring the run. See above comments about Goff. I think we make a move to replace either Braham or Goff, but not both. 2nd round pick or after to pick up a young center for the future.

DE Justin Smith looked like he had a disappointing season...but only if you go by sack numbers. He proved this year he could play the run (especially if the team improves at LB and DT). Clemons is good and Powell is a serviceable backup. We could use depth here.

DT John Thornton should stay. We just need to get him some help. Williams and Gibson should be gone. Steele is good for depth. We need a game changer here.

LB I stick with Simmons. He was adjusting back to OLB. People say he hasn't met expectations, but he played out of position since he got here, then had to adjust again when Marvin came in. I predict a breakout year for him in '04. I don't love Hardy or Ross, but Hardy was also adjusting to a new position. We keep one of these guys (preferably Hardy) and find a good LB in the draft. Use that draft pick in a rotation with Riall Johnson and Khalid Abdullah until one of them develops into the third every down guy. We're good at depth here. Ross was great as a fourth guy, as are Riall and Abdullah. Chamberlin and Levels are good special teamers and we could get rid of one to make room for a new guy. We might get something great via draft or cap room if we package Dillon with Ross in a trade...neither one is overpaid for their ability.

CB Trouble spot. I like James as a #2 with Hawkins or Burris as the nickel. We need someone here. Not too expensive. I think Ahmed Plummer will be coming home. Weathersby is still a year away, but he could be the shut-down guy of the future. By that time Ahmed will still be a good number 2. I like Kaesviharn as a dime corner and depth at FS. He's also a huge contributor on special teams. Terrell Roberts is also a guy to keep for depth and special teams, and he could develop into the nickel.

FS Get rid of Roman or Kaesviharn (preferably Roman) but we need a better starter here, and Kaesviharn contributes in more spots than Roman.

SS Keep Beckett. A year in the system and improvement in other areas on D make him even better next year. I love his blitzing and his help with the run. Other improvements make him look better against the pass, too.

All that said...Draft a linebacker, a center, a safety, big-ass DT,a running back (hopefully a KR), wide receiver (KR), and a guard or tackle.

FA Corner, DT, RB if we lose Corey and don't draft one.

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I'll see what I can add to this list

QB: I agree Matthews is gone and I'd say a 2nd day QB or even a Undrafted QB get's that spot.

RB: I see the Bengals drafting a RB by round 3 especially if dillon is traded. I don't see Bennett staying unless he takes the vet minimum and maybe not even then cause I think Marvin really likes Watson.

WR: I almost wouldn't be surprised to see TJ get cut, and have Dugans brought back....Maybe it's wishfull thinking. Or Maybe a late round draft pick or a College FA

TE: I really like the situation at TE. Kelley does need to bring it more in the passing game, and Schobel has shown improvement in blocking, however he needs to stay healthy for a full season though, but he's got the hands to be a QB's best friend.

T: Levi and Willie are awsome Tackles, but the team needs youth and depth. Kooistra could be part of the answer to that. But I see a 6th and or a 7th rounder being used on a T again.

G: see above

C: Keep Braham, but I think Szalay really deserves a shot at making the lineup.

DE: The answer at DE is get a better DT to put with Thornton...Someone to take up some real space and free Smith and Clemons to get after the QB.

DT: see above

LB: Simmons and Hardy stay put, both will be better and Hardy brings a lot to the lockeroom. But please oh please replace Ross, maybe give Abdullah a shot that kid is a tackling machine and has the speed of a corner back...

CB: Everyone here knows we need a top flight Corner...please Sign Plummer....Burris needs to be Coach Burris, Hawkins needs to never play against a top WR, but he is a good Nickel Back...I think He'll be pushed by Weathersby this year, and for that matter I think Weathersby will push James for a spot as well. Not to mention T Roberts will get more playing time.

FS: I see them letting Roman walk, keeping Kaesviharn and drafting someone.

SS: I think they will resign Becketts and I like Manuel as well.

P: I think they'll bring someone into camp to compete with Richardson, but it's his job to lose.

K: They have to keep Graham...He is money...But I would like to see them get a new punter that can handle kickoffs...But if not it's not a glaring problem.


rounds 1-3, DT, RB, Safety, LB

Rounds 4-7, OT, QB, LB, RB

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OK i'm back, and thanks to the recent "coming out of retirement" Joe Gibbs, i can't help but to think, that Corey Dillon , will be wearing Redskins colors next year.

Whether or not we can get that #6 or 7th pick for him is another question, but Joe Gibbs' love for a big running back ,has to put Dillon as a priority for that team.

Agree with most of the post,but see either Jake Grove or Nick Leckey coming here in rounds 3 or 4. Both are nasty, strong , and have enough athleticism to reach,pull and re-direct.

As i wished before,Keneche Udeze has entered the NFL Draft.

This is good news for our Bengals. There is size and talent in later rounds to put next to John Thornton.But I believe our first need is at defensive end.

TOO many times we got caught sneaking safeties,and linebackers up to create a pass rush. Udeze has the ability to play the run and is an exceptional pass rusher, complimented with great size standing 6-41/2 and 285 lbs. He has great burst and several pass rush moves, and should develop into a real cornerstone for any defense.

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