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I'm worried about Palmer


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I have real concerns about Palmer being the MAN we all want him to be. :ph34r:

USC hasn't dropped a bit from where they were last year. In fact they are better. The QB has amazing stats but you never heard of him mentioned for Heisman.



Leinart 402 255 63.4 3556 38 9 8.85 :blink:

Palmer 489 309 63.2 3942 33 10 8.06 :(

Both have truly gaudy stats. So is it the system?

Why was Palmer demoted the week of a BIG game. <_<

I know you'al say playoff runs are for veterans. Fire is the best baptism, if you survive.

Hopefully they'll both make great porfessionals. :)

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Well Palmer was projected as a top QB even before his hiesman season. Numbers don't always tell the whole story. This years USC team is better than Palmers team, so I would expect a good QB to be able to go into the system and put up good numbers....Palmer has too many people singing his praises for him to be the flop that was Klingler and Smith....I mean people Balked when the Bengals took Klingler were they did, and a good number of teams didn't even have Smith going in the first round...But then that year was pretty much a bust for 1st rounders (let's see, Couch, Cabe M. Akili, Donovan "I don't care what colour you are, but you are overated" McNabb...and damn, wasn't there somebody else??? My mind is blank after my holiday)

I know QB's are a real risk in the first round, but I think Palmer has the skills to suceed for the Bengals...Hell, has has something Akili never did and that's the WRs to get the ball to....Palmer to Johnson....In a few years that combo will strike fear in the hearts of DBs league wide....

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Did anyone see Palmer in the preseason game vs. the Lions? Yeah I know it was just the Lions but he has all the tools.

During Akili's first year there was a stat that compared all of the QB's that were taken that year (Couch, McNabb, Culpepper, McNown, A. Brooks, Shawn King and Akili). They showed that the more games as starter that player had, the better they did. Akili was the lowest with 8 games started his senior year. McNabb and Culpepper started three years at their schools.

My point is that Palmer started a ton of games at USC with different coaches, systems and coordinators while he was there. I am not worried once he gets in there and gets a few games under his belt. That's the bad thing about this year, there were really no blowout games except for the Broncos and the second Ravens game. So there was no mop-up time for Palmer.

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I listed several reasons why I was sold on Palmer on " Don't call it a Comeback", so I won't repeat them here.

The one that I didn't list is really the main reason I am not worried about Palmer being the man. It is in short because he won't be unless he convinces Marvin Lewis. I have enough trust in coach Lewis' judgement to make that a non - issue. Since he got here, coach Lewis has shown an almost uncanny ability to judge who to keep and who to cut and who to play and who to sit.

He cut Foley and kept a 5th round draft pick ( Abdullah ) that nobody had ever heard of, and he stuck by Kitna when he was 0 and 3. There are other examples as well, but those are the two that came to mind right away.

So anyway, no. I'm not worried about Palmer. You've just got the same problem the rest of us do. We're so used to the Bengals screwing up, we just kind of expect them to. God knows they've lived down to our expectations in the past. What we have to get use to now is that ...... that really is in the past.

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Not worried about Palmer at all - the Bengals staff is doing the right thing. And as far as "demoting" to third string right before the showdown with Baltimore??? Did you really want Palmer's first game ever to be against that defense? And under those conditions?

Zampese and Lewis know what they're doing and Palmer will shine.

Bengals 2004 AFC North Champs and more - let's get it done.

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Don't worry about Palmer, USC plays in a very weak Pac-10 which I think is the weakest conference each season.

BTW - From watching both QBs, Palmer had a stronger arm, more accurate etc. Leinart always threw floaters to his receivers and those guys catching the ball are the real starts on USC. The scary thing is that just about everyone on that team -- in terms of skill players -- are scary good.

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I hope you're all right about this. Hopefully we're seeing a USC dynasty in the making ala Aikman, Testaverde etal.

I just cannot seem to get Jack Thompson off of my mind. Maybe redfan2 (?) can reminesce on that diddee of a draft pick. I don't recall all of the hoopla more than he was the second coming to replace Kenny Anderson.

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The thing on Palmer is this.......

We won't know what kind of a player he is going to be until he plays. He may end up being great, he has all the physical tools, and I've heard some experts compare him to a young Troy Aikman. But as we also know, he could end up being a bust. We won't really know until he plays. Its one thing to torch the Lions backups in a game, but its when he has Ray lewis or Joey Porter in his face is when we'll get the real test. I agreed with Marvin Lewis in playing Kitna all year. Kitna was very good, and he gave the team the best chance to win. And I think there should be a QB competition. I don't think Palmer should be handed the job. I don't really mind if he sits awhile. Steve McNair sat awhile, Steve Young spent all those years behind Montana. If Palmer is the real deal, it will show no matter if he starts next season or two seasons for now. If Kitna is still the better QB when next year rolls around , then I'll want him to play. If Palmer is the better man, then I'll want him to play. I think Palmer will be very good, and he'll have a much better team around him to raise his game when he starts. He'll be a lot better off than Klingler or A Smith. Palmer will be good guys, don't worry about that. But i'd leave it to Marvin Lewis to decide when he is the man ready to take us to football glory.

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