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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who cares what i say but i did want to thank all those on the message board, its been 1 hell of a ride in 2003 and you guys/gals have made it alot more fun...........cant wait for the 2004 preseason to start or even the draft and all those TROLLS to start comming back

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I agree. For anyone who was hacked off about the outcome of the season, make sure you were a Bengals fan before the season started. I heard several people make comments like "they only finished 8-8...see, still no winning record".

How soon we forget. I guess the bandwagon has pulled over to the curb.

As a longtime fan, I will take 8-8 and be happy with it. We were able to un-Bungle a lot of things this year. We won on the west Coast, we won on the road, we won in Pittsburgh and we beat KC and two other first place teams this year.

Marvin and Co. had us in contention on the last week of the season. What more could you ask for?

There is alot to look forward to next season. I can't wait.

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As another long time fan, I have to agree. 8 and 8 is what I was kind of expecting at the beginning of the season, but I have to admit that losing at home and not getting that winning record for Lewis' first year had a definite sting to it.

As far as bandwagon jumpers go, the more success the Bengals have, the more of them we'll have to put up with. Most of us pretty much just ignore them, and they eventually go away ..... hence " the jumpers " I guess.

Definitely looking forward not only to the next season, but to the off season as well. Gonna be a lot going on, and I'm looking forward to everbodys' opinions of the off seasons actions. Should make for a lot of good discussion. Actually, the Bengals turn around saved me a lot of money this year. I didn't go through anywhere near the amount of bourbon that I usually do.

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