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NFL PLAYOFFS:Opinions Everywhere incl. my 2 cents


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I have been to several different NFL web pages and as usual, there are numerous choices and opinions as to who will win it all this year.

These days, it is extremely hard to determine what an NFL team will play like when game time rolls around. Analyst still seem to believe that looking at statistics will decide the winner and this simply is not true.

Actually, statistics have no real value as far as what happens during a game. Compile all the numbers you want to; in your head, on paper, or some poor souls dirty windshield. When it's time to play the fans aren't thinking about past stats, and niether are the players. All that matters is whats happening right then and there.

Broadcasters will blah, blah,blah, during a game about a teams time of posession throughout the year and the the teams 4th down percentages. I find all of this information useful at some point, but PLEASE don't use past stats to determine a winner. Especially in the playoffs.

The fans and writers that are the most enjoyable to listen to when speaking about who will win, are the ones who don't mention stats.

If you are a football fan, see if you can do it. Discuss why you think a team will win, without mentioning statistics. I promise you will find it more fun and enjoyable than saying "the Colts have to win, these numbers show that get more sleep than any other team in the NFL"

Well thats my 2 cents.

Happy New Year!

Lambert 58

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