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I need your help.


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Hey guys I need your help. I'm putting together a peice for this off-season about the Bengalszone community. What I need from you are your most fond memories as being a fan. If possible, give me when you think you became a fan, the highest moment (a specific moment), lowest moment (specific moment), anything that you would like to share. There is no restriction on what you can send me however, can you PLEASE send it to me by e-mail not in this forum. You guys can start another thread for it.

Also I would like to use your real name, but if you want to keep that a secret, it's cool.

My e-mail is jkirkendall@bengalszone.comjkirkendall@bengalszone.com

Thanks again guys.

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another fondest memory.. being at the 89' game where we blew out the oilers and Jerry "elvis" glanville 61-7.

Cold as hell,David Fulcher picks off Warren Moon first play of the game.Second Play of the Game, James Brooks around the corner a 20 yard touchdown.

Snowed like crazy a couple of days before the game, and our beloved Riverfront attendants didn't remove any of the ice or snow from any of those hard a$$ seats, so when the score became 28-0 by midway through the second quarter, we watched the rest of the game on the Northlake Mall Bengal Bus... luckily for us the driver had a 5 inch black and white that we could watch while everyone in the stands froze their nuts off... :lol:

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Earliest Memory-Losing to the Dolphins in 1973 playoffs. I cried. The Bengals were the greatest and were not suppossed to lose!

Best Memory-Beating Buffalo in 1989 to go to Super Bowl in Miami. I was angry at the tactics of the Bills. The league said the Bengals were not allowed to use the no-huddle offense in that game and I was hot. We still won and that made it sweeter.

Worst Memory- Losing Super Bowl XXIII to the Niners. We should have won. Stanley Wilson, Tim Krumrie and Lewis Billups' dropped INT in the endzone. It took me a long time to get over that one.

Funniest Memory-Sam Wyche "You don't love in Cleveland...." rant. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Random memories- Ken Anderson's head on a swivel v. Pittsburgh, OJ vs. Bengals on Monday night, Pat McInally v. Browns (?), getting popped, the Freezer Bowl, Cris Collinsworth's first season, Forrest Gregg

Individual Accomplishments:

Isaac Curtis-Everytime he touched the ball. He should be in the Hall of Fame. Compare his stats to Lynn Swann's. I think Ike's might be better other than the pub of playing in 4 Super Bowls.

Ken Anderson/Bill Walsh-Kenny doesn't get enough credit for being the guinea pig for the "West Coast (of the Mill Creek) offense. He lead the league in Passing four times and was in the playoffs four times and the Super Bowl once. Should be in the Hall of Fame. He has better stats than many "name" guys.

Ickey Woods-Watching films of him brings back some awsome memories. He was the prototype big back that could run (see J. Bettis, J. Lewis). Too bad he got hurt or he had a bright future.

Paul Brown-for bringing the Bengals to Cincinnati

Corey Dillon-single game record and all-time rushing leader for the team

Sam Wyche-a class act all the way

Anthony Munoz-he was the best

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