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contracts for Smith,Levi,Anderson


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the bengals oficial site has stated that they are interested in extending all three. This great news IMHo The Bengals are keeping there core players and trying to get the extensions in this year before we might get hit next year. Katie if you werent so freakin ugly Id kiss you.

So the real ? is what is Justin worth?

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I'd say as much as we're paying him in his final year with a good signing bonus,(if he'd be willing to go for it)

PS,I wonder what Marvins thinking about Eric Steinbach?if He wants to see what he can do @ 100% or mybe plan on converting Ghiaciuc or wilkerson to a guard.

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I can't believe people are even talking about Eric Steinbach!

The man had what Tommy John surgery over a year ago? It takes at least a year to come back from that kind of surgery. No wonder his productivity was down last year.

Did we all forget about his rookie year?

For a team that runs the ball allot isn't it important to have a guard that can pull and open holes with the speed he has?

I think you'll see a much improved Eric S. this year! :player:

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