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How are the bengals going to stop......


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...double coverage on Chad J. since P Dub is hurt. He has to be able to receive the ball in 3rd down situations to convert it to first down. It is O.K. for the WR to receive the ball in or near the inzone but they are going to have to also receive short yardage to convert the third downs like P Dub does. What is the solution?

PINKY (#85's loyalest platonic fan)

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A strong running game would be the best bet. Short passes to the running backs ...... medium range over the middle to the tight ends.

Also if KWash could make them pay for doubling up on CJ every time they do it, that would put a stop to it.

First order of business may be an O C that can come up with a game plan and stick to it or make adjustments as needed and not until.

Just my opinion though.

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