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We've come a long way, baby..


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Remember back in October, after the Bengals had beaten the Ravens to up their record to 2-4.. and I had posted a topic on whether the BEN-GAL cheerleaders' hooters were real or not... And most of you replied in fun, adding your TWO cents, or whatever bit of humor.

It's HARD to believe that we're now talking about playoffs and stuff like that. But it goes with the territory, once the team starts winning, all thought of the opposite sex (i.e., the wife) becomes not all that important. I guess when the football season is over, we'll re-discover our spouses and realize there is more to life than football..

YEAH, there's college hoops and baseball and water polo..

WHO DEY !!! GO BENGALS ! The Ben-Gal cheerleaders will be there to root you on. It's just too bad it won't be warm enough on Sunday at PBS to re-kindle that October debate. I guess replays on the JUMBO-TRON of Bengal touchdowns will just have to do. :P

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