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BOOMER ESIASON, OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME, WHAT A LOSER, he might think the bengals don't have a chance vs. the rams, but why come out and say he'd have a hard time picking the bengals to beat the rams, at least bob trumpy picked the bengals. Now, I hope the bengals win so they can shove it down boomer's throat.. WHO DEY..

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I can believe that, I don't take what Boomer or Collinsworth say on national TV just because they have to show some partiality. That's all. I know when these guys do local radio broadcasts or interviewed or in the columns, they are more optimistic on the Bengals. Boomer is on a national TV show and has to show that a little.

Plus with Steinbach and Warrick out, I'm a snid concern myself.

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