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This Tuesday @ 9 pm on NFL Network


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This Tuesday @ 9 pm Eastern NFL Network will be showing In their Own Words featuring Marvin Lewis

I have seen these before and they are outstanding episodes with tons of behind the scenes footage, basically everything of Marvin that exists on Tape

Tivo that s**t, set those VCR's, call off Work, and don't miss the Messiahs Debut

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Luckily for all of you I researched all the Times

Marvins 30 minute In their own words special....will also be showing

1. Wed at Midnight (3 hours after the one on Tues night @ 9 pm)

2. Wed morning at 3 am (3 hours after the one above)

3. Wed at 1 pm (that afternoon)

4. Wed afternoon at 5 pm (4 hours later)

Randy Moss has one showing that Day as well..... so don't confuse yourself by seeing that the title is showing at other times

The Only Marvin times are above

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BJ -- tried to Tivo it EARLY yesterday morning (2:30 a.m. PST) and got Randy Moss' braced teeth and bucket hat mug staring back at me. Almost brought me to tears. I think the Tivo guide F-ed up. I was able to record it this morning, but can't watch until tonite. Can't wait -- love that game film of ML losing his voice by the end of the 1st Q!

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