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Pollack in Stripes

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I am glad the Bengals got Pollack.He looks like the safest bet on the board.I would have prefered a trade down to pick up more picks but,trades are few and far between because you have to find another team that will give you what the pick is worth and with the amo (picks) to make the deal.That having been said I read on Bengals.com that the Bengals view Pollack as a LB .Ithink it would be a big mistake.The Bengals need a pass rush more than anything and it would be a waste of tallent.I think you try him at DE and if he cant cut it then you switch him.Pollack will be a great addition.

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I was excited that Pollack was the man chosen then I read that Bengals are going to make him a LB -----POLLACK IS A PASS RUSHING DE----


care to say that again?

Who says we don't need Linebackers?

Coach Lewis also said he will play some end as well.

It'll be ok.....really it will.

Don't forget about Pollack's teammate, Jumpy.

I thought he came on really well in the times he did play last year.

He should have a opportunity to compete for the end spot as well.

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So, so, so happy!!!

For those of you that pay attention, you know that there were two players that I really wanted in this draft, and we got one of them at #17. I jumped out of my freakin' skin when they made the pick.

Overall a very solid draft, not as good as last year's IMO, but selecting Pollack made it all worthwhile. Bravo to Marvin for making up for the travesty that was Chris Perry at #26 in last year's draft.

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