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Top 32 players

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Last year I did a top 100, but it was more of a consensus, so this year I'll do a top 32 based on who I think are the best overall football players.

1. David Pollack - Great motor, good character, and plays with reckless abandon.

2. Mike Williams - Say what you want about the guy's speed, he still dominated his first 2 years in college football.

3. Braylon Edwards - Great all around player, very seldom do you get guys that return for their senior season, turn down the top money and get better.

4. Cedric Benson - Forget the Ricky' comparisons, I wanted him to come out last year. He would have gone first over Steven Jackson and Chris Perry that's for sure.

5. Carlos Rogers - In my eyes he has been the best cornerback in the country the last 2 seasons. Speed, tenacity, and very good coverage skills.

6. Mark Clayton - Every time I think about him , I remember the double move he put on Nathan Vasher a few years back, and needless to say Vasher is still looking for him.

7. Derrick Johnson - I can't believe my ears on what Kiper and Co. say about him. Put this guy in pads and let him run loose. If Linebackers were art, he'd be Da Vinci.

8. Carnell " Cadillac " Williams - I think he just does everything right. Hard to pass up on a running back that can do everything.

9. Alex Smith - It was very hard for me to put a quarterback on this list, but Smith kinda' reminds me of Palmer.

10. Antrel Rolle - Plays with a mean streak, and he comes from the Miami Hurricane breading ground of football stars.

11. Erasmus James - Injuries aside, he has the most potential of all the defensive ends in the draft.

12. Troy Williamson - I'll be honest I haven't seen a lot of game film on him, but the comparisons to Chad Johnson are good enough for me.

13. Thomas Davis - He was a game changer at times at Georgia. He makes plays all over the field.

14. Marcus Spears - He was so dominating at times it's ridiculous. He can take over games and if his consistency improves, he'll draw comparisons to Reggie White.

15. Jammal Brown - Right tackles don't get enough credit, and he's proof of that.

16. Ronnie Brown - Great overall skills, but in my book you still have to start !

17. Shaun Cody - Gotta like the kids production and hustle.

18. Alex Barron - He is the most gifted lineman in the draft, if he lives up to it, some team will go broke trying to keep him.

19. Travis Johnson - I don't think that he underachieved his first few seasons, I think he's just starting to peak.

20. Luis Castillo - Game films don't lie, he makes a lot of plays, and he makes guys around him better.

21. Adam Pac-Man Jones - He's a good cornerback not the great one his pre-draft hype machine created for him.

22. Shawne Merriman - He's my boom or bust player, Like I said before, he was not on the radar prior to him declaring for the draft.

23. Kirk Morrison - He is the epitomy of a sideline to sideline defender.

24. Marcus Johnson - He can play Guard, or tackle and in my book is a much better blocker than Elton Brown.

25. Kevin Burnett - He is the most underrated linebacker in the draft. He could be a serious impact player.

26. Brodney Pool - Hard not to like a guy that captains the nations best defense, and then leads it in tackles.

27. O'Dell Thurman - I think he should have stayed in school, regardless he will get better on top of being a pretty good overall player.

28. Marlin Jackson - Play him as a corner, and he's good, Play him as a safety and he's good, solid all around player and has better cover skills than former Michigan alum Charles Woodson.

29. Justin Tuck - I keep seeing him turn out to be Simeon Rice.

30. Mike Patterson - Hard to distinguish where Patterson stopped and Cody started.

31. Ben Wilkerson - He won't go first, but if not for the injuries he would be a top fifteen talent at center.

32. Aaron Rodgers - He reminds me more of Drew Brees, than he does Payton Manning.

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Last year I did a top 100, but it was more of a consensus, so this year I'll do a top 32 based on who I think are the best overall football players.

1. David Pollack - Great motor, good character, and plays with reckless abandon.

So I guess you like the pick, right? :lol:

How great is it to be a Bengal fan again?

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