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1st Round Mocks

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1. Alex Smith QB 49ers

2. Ronnie Brown RB Fins

3. Shawne Merriman DE/LB Clowns

4. Braylon Edwards WR Bears

5. Mike Williams WR Bucs

6. Cedric Benson RB Eagles (from Titans, a guess)

7. Cadillac Williams RB Vikes

8. Pac Man Jones CB Zona

9. Antrell Rolle CB Skins

10. Derrick Johnson LB Lions

11. Troy Williamson WR Cowblows

12. Mark Clayton WR Bolts

13. Alex Barron T Texans

14. Aaron Rodgers QB Panthers

15. Travis Johnson DT Chiefs

16. Carlos Rogers CB Saints

17. Thomas Davis SS/LB Bengals

18. Erasmus James DE Vikes

19. Jammal Brown RT Rams

20. Marcus Spears DE Cowblows

21. Justin Miller CB Jags

22. Roddy White WR Ratbirds

23. Dan Cody DE Seahawks

24. David Baas C/G Pack

25. Jason Campbell QB Skins

26. David Pollack DE/LB Raiders

27. Luis Castillo DT Falcons

28. Fabian Washington CB Bolts

29. Kevin Burnett LB Colts

30. Shaun Cody DE Steelers

31. Khalif Barnes RT Titans

32. Channing Crowder LB Pats

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1. San Fran - QB Aaron Rodgers

2. Miami - RB Ronnie Brown

3. Browns - QB Alex Smith

4. Bears - WR Braylon Edwards

5. Bucs - RB Cedric Benson

6. Titans - CB Antrel Rolle

7. Vikings - WR Mike Williams

8. Cardinals - RB Cadillac Williams

9. Redskins - CB Pac Man Jones

10. Lions - LB Derrick Johnson

11. Cowgirls - CB Carlos Rogers

12. Chargers - WR Troy Williamson

13. Texans - LB Demarcus Ware

14. Panthers - OT Alex Barron

15. Chiefs - DE Erasmus James

16. Saints - DE/LB Merriman

17. Bengals - S Thomas Davis

18. Vikings - DE David Pollack

19. Rams - OT Jammal Brown

20. Cowgirls - OT Khalif Barnes

21. Jaquars - WR Mark Clayton

22. Ravens - DE Marcus Spears

23. Seahags - CB Marlin Jackson

24. Packers - QB Charlie Frye

25. Broncos - CB Justin Miller

26. Jets - TE Heath Miller

27. Falcons - DT Travis Johnson

28. Chargers - DT Shaun Cody

29. Colts - LB Channing Crowder

30. Steelers - WR Matt Jones

31. Eagles - OLB Dan Cody

32. Patriots - Brodney Poole

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1. Alex Smith QB 49ers

2. Ronnie Brown RB Dolphins

3. Braylon Edwards WR Browns

4. Cedric Benson RB Bears

5. Cadillac Williams RB Bucs

6. Antrell Rolle CB Titans

7. Mike Williams WR Vikings

8. Aaron Rodgers QB Cardinals

9. Pac Man Jones CB Redskins

10. Derrick Johnson LB Lions

11. Shawne Merriman DE/LB Cowboys

12. Marcus Spears DE Chargers

13. Alex Barron T Texans

14. Troy Williamson WR Panthers

15. Travis Johnson DT Chiefs

16. Thomas Davis SS/LB Saints

17. Carlos Rogers CB Packers (trade Bengals 24 + 51)

18. David Pollack DE/LB Vikings

19. Jammal Brown RT Rams

20. Shaun Cody DE Cowboys

21. Erasmus James DE Jaguars

22. Mark Clayton WR Ravens

23. Dan Cody DE Seahawks

24. Heath Miller TE Bengals

25. Jason Campbell QB Redskins

26. Justin Miller CB Raiders

27. Brodney Poole S Falcons

28. Roddy White WR Chargers

29. Kevin Burnett LB Colts

30. Marlin Jackson CB Steelers

31. Matt Jones WR Eagles

32. Demarcus Ware DE/LB Patriots

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1. 49ers-Alex Smith-QB-Utah

2. Dolphins-Ronnie Brown-RB-Auburn

3. Browns-Braylon Edwards-WR-Michigan

4. Bears-Cedric Benson-RB-Texas

5. Buccaneers-Cadillac Williams-RB-Auburn

6. Titans-Antrel Rolle-CB-Miami

7. Vikings-Troy Williamson-WR-South Carolina

8. Cardinals-Pac-Man Jones-CB-West Virginia

9. Redskins-Aaron Rodgers-QB-California

10.Lions-Derrick Johnson-LB-Texas

11.Cowboys-DeMarcus Ware-OLB/DE-Troy

12.Chargers-Mike Williams-WR-USC

13.Texans-Shawne Merriman-DE/OLB-Maryland

14.Panthers- Alex Barron-OT-Florida State

15.Chiefs-Marcus Spears-DE-LSU

16.Saints-Thomas Davis-OLB/S-Georgia

17.Bengals-Mark Clayton-WR-Oklahoma

18.Vikings-Carlos Rogers-CB-Auburn

19.Rams-Jamaal Brown-OT-Oklahoma

20.Cowboys-Roddy White-WR-UAB

21.Jaguars-Khalif Barnes-OT-Washington

22.Ravens-Matt Jones-WR/TE/QB-Arkansas

23.Seahawks-Erasmus James-DE-Wisconsin

24.Packers-Travis Johnson-DT-Florida State

25.Redskins-Jason Campbell-QB-Auburn

26.Raiders-David Pollack-OLB/DE-Georgia

27.Falcons-Shaun Cody-DT/DE-USC

28.Chargers-Dan Cody-OLB/DE-Oklahoma

29.Colts-Justin Miller-CB-Clemson

30.Steelers-Heath Miller-TE-Virginia

31.Eagles-Kevin Burnett-OLB-Tennessee

32.PatriotsFabian Washington-CB-Nebraska

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Theres a problem with those picks in that last mock (see Redskins) also even with Carlos falling to 18 Minnesota still has Winfield and Smoot which is more than a formidable duo, Also Miami has made it clear that they do not want a running back at #2, but of course you never know, not a bad mock overall, not bad at all actually I'm a big Mark Clayton fan so obviously I have no problem with the mock...Without further redue thepudgester's 2005 Mock draft

1. 49ers- Aaron Rodgers QB California (cap issues, costs alot less than smith)

2. Dolphins- Alex Smith QB Utah

3. Browns- Braylon Edwards WR Michigan

4. Bears- Ronnie Brown RB Auburn

5. Bucs- Carnell Williams RB Auburn

6. Titans- Antrel Rolle CB Miami

7. Vikings- Shawne Merrimen DE Maryland

8. Cardinals- Cedric Benson RB Texas

9. Redskins- Carlos Rogers CB Auburn

10. Lions- Derrick Johnson OLB Texas

11. Cowboys- Mike Williams WR USC

12. Chargers- Troy Williamson WR South Carolina

13. Texans- Demarcus Ware LB/DE Troy

14. Panthers- Alex Barron OT Florida State

15. Chiefs- Marcus Spears DE LSU

16. Saints- Thomas Davis S Georgia

17. Bengals- Adam "Pac Man" Jones CB West Virginia

18. Vikings- Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma

19. Rams- Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma

20. Cowboys- David Pollack LB/DE Georgia

21. Jaguars- Khalif Barnes OT Washington

22. Ravens- Travis Johnson DT Florida State

23. Seahawks- Erasmus James DE Wisconson

24. Packers- Shaun Cody DE/DT USC

25. Redskins- Jason Campbell QB Auburn

26. Raiders- Fabian Washington CB Nebraska

27. Falcons- Luis Castillo DT Northwestern

28. Chargers- Dan Cody LB/DE Oklahoma

29. Colts- Kevin Burnett LB Tennessee

30. Steelers- Heath Miller TE Virginia

31. Eagles- Matt Jones WR Arkansas

32. Patriots- Odell Thurman LB Georgia

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I picked for the Bengals in a mock draft on the Amarillo ESPN Radio affiliate this afternoon, and I chose Thomas Davis at #17. I have never had a problem with Davis, and Pollack went to the Texans at #13 and ruined my original plan (I seriously doubt that Pollack will go that early, but somebody had the same idea that I did).

What is going on with Merriman going as high as #3 all of a sudden? He was taken by the Browns in the mock I took part in, and I hadn't heard that his stock had jumped that high.

Here's how I think it will go:

1. 49ers-Alex Smith, QB-X

2. Dolphins-Braylon Edwards, WR-O

3. Browns-Mike Williams, WR-O

4. Bears-Ronnie Brown, RB-O

5. Bucs-Carnell Williams, RB-X

6. Titans-Antrell Rolle, CB-O

7. Vikings-Mark Clayton, WR-O

8. Cardinals-Cedric Benson, RB-O

9. Redskins-Heath Miller, TE-O

10. Lions-Erasmus James, DE-O

11. Cowboys-Shawne Merriman, DE/LB-O

12. Chargers-Marcus Spears, DE-O

13. Texans-Derrick Johnson, LB-O

14. Panthers-Troy Williamson, WR-O

15. Chiefs-Roddy White, WR-O

16. Saints-Travis Johnson, DT-O

17. Bengals-Thomas Davis, SS/LB-O

18. Vikings-David Pollack, DE-O

19. Rams-Alex Barron, OT-X

20. Cowboys-Demarcus Ware, DE-O

21. Jaguars-Jammal Brown, OT-O

22. Ravens-Adam Jones, CB-O

23. Seahawks-Channing Crowder, LB-O

24. Packers-Aaron Rodgers, QB-X

25. Redskins-Jason Campbell, QB-X

26. Raiders-Carlos Rodgers, CB-O

27. Falcons-Shaun Cody, DT/DE-O

28. Chargers-Dan Cody, DE-O

29. Colts-Marlin Jackson, CB-X

30. Steelers-Fabian Washington, CB-O

31. Eagles-Matt Jones, WR-O

32. Patriots-Odell Thurman, LB-O

As much as I want Pollack in the 1st, I don't see it happening if Davis is still available...I guess we'll see tomorrow.

6 for 32...it's like a Kyle Boller stat sheet!

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Pick Team Player Pos School

1 49ers Alex Smith QB Utah

Back and Forth, we go, we may finally have a number one player settled.

2 Dolphins Ronnie Brown RB Auburn

Blah, Blah, Blah, the Dolphins need a running back!

3 Browns Braylon Edwards WR Michigan

Browns have too many holes to fill to take a Quarterback here. Crennel cleaned house for a reason.

4 Bears Cedric Benson RB Texas

Rumored to be slipping, but why would the most proven running back in the draft fall?

5 Buccaneers Carnell “Cadillac” Williams RB Auburn

Whom would Gruden trade up for now?

6 Titans Antrel Rolle CB Miami FLA.

I was convinced that Mike Williams would be the pick until Andre Dyson signed elsewhere.

7 Vikings Mike Williams WR U.S.C.

Williams has 4.59 forty speed, which means he is still faster than Jerry Rice was in the ’85 draft.

8 Cardinals Carlos Rogers CB Auburn

The Cardinals have invested a lot of time and money into Quarterbacks, so cornerback is the pick.

9 Redskins Adam “Pac-Man” Jones CB W. Virginia

I will play along with the redskins despite their lack of a poker face.

10 Lions Shawne Merriman DE Maryland

The Lions want a pass rusher, well here he is.

11 Cowboys Troy Williamson WR S. Carolina

Williamson is a superb athlete, and there is no doubt the Cowboys could use his youth and speed.

12 Chargers Marcus Spears DE L.S.U.

Mark Clayton is an option, but now is the time to improve the defensive line.

13 Texans DeMarcus Ware LB/DE Troy

Texans pass on protection for David Carr to improve a terrible pass rush.

14 Panthers Derrick Johnson LB Texas

Losing Sam Mills as coach, along with the uncertain future of Mark Fields warrants this pick.

15 Chiefs Aaron Rodgers QB California

Do not be surprised, Trent Green is 35 years old. If not Rodgers, it will be Clayton.

16 Saints Thomas Davis SS/LB Georgia

If a corner fell, the saints would be all over him, but Davis is the most logical pick.

17 Eagles Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma

The Eagles have too many headaches at wide receiver to pass on Clayton.

18 Vikings Erasmus James DE Wisconsin

Only area of need not addressed yet.

19 Rams Jamaal Brown OT Oklahoma

This is whom the Rams should take, but there is no guarantee with Mike Martz at the helm.

20 Cowboys Shaun Cody DT/DE U.S.C.

Parcells has been adamant about getting a disruptive lineman with size.

21 Jaguars Alex Barron OT Florida St.

Injuries and lack of depth warrant that Del Rio take an offensive tackle early.

22 Ravens Travis Johnson DT Florida St.

The Ravens failed to land Corey Simon, so they grab another Florida State interior lineman.

23 Seahawks David Pollack DE Georgia

Pollack could be a steal this late, but he will still have to over come his lack of height and speed.

24 Packers Fabian Washington CB Nebraska

The pack reached on Carroll last year, and they will do it again this year.

25 Redskins Jason Campbell QB Auburn

Like I said, let us play along with Dan Snyder and his obvious lack of a poker face.

26 Raiders Marlin Jackson CB Michigan

Raiders could move up again, but the other top corners are too far away.

27 Falcons Khalif Barnes OT Washington

The only way to get past the Eagles will be to improve the protection.

28 Chargers Roddy White WR U.A.B.

Chargers get top defensive end and a speedy wide out to finish a successful round one.

29 Colts Justin Miller CB Clemson

Miller could give the Colts a legitimate cover corner, plus a real return threat.

30 Steelers Matt Jones WR/TE Arkansas

There is no cornerback of value here, so Roethlesberger gets a new toy.

31 Bengals Heath Miller TE Virginia

Marvin Lewis wanted to trade down and does. The trade will allow Cincinnati to shore up a weak spot at tight end, and get additional day one picks. Philly will send Cincy picks # 35 and 94, with Cincinnati swapping spots in round 4.

32 Patriots Darryl Blackstock LB/DE Virginia

Blackstock and the Champs are a perfect fit for each other.

I was going to re do the entire 7 round mock, but with all the trades that will take place tomorrow, i.e.Darren Howard moving on, Travis Henry moving on, Peter Warrick moving on..??? I went with just one trade that I'm pretty positive will happen. If not the Eagles, It'll be the Packers or Seahawks. :player:

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It's pretty remarkable how high Demarcus Ware's stock has soared. I remember Mike Mayock saying during the Senior Bowl week that Ware was the 4th best senior between Cadillac and Rolle IIRC. Now, the popular opinion puts Ware as a 3-4 LB w/ teams like the Cowblows and Texans at 11 or 13.

I watched Ware play in a mud bath of a bowl game -- the Silicon Valley Classic-- and the Senior Bowl and practices. No doubt dude is a flash off the line and could be a situational pass rusher up there with Terrell Suggs. In a 4-3 he'd be considered undersized at DE but in a 3-4 he's be even further outside at end w/ a better chance to use speed to get around a LT or TE.

I also watched Ware doing linebacker drills at the combine and was shocked by how totally uncoordinated he is in open space, where he could have to log considerable PT as a 3-4 LB. Mayock sloughed it off saying that he'll get that part of the game as he goes.....I'm not so sure.

Ware still looks like a project to me rather than a no-brainer. I'm sticking to my guns and say Ware goes in the 2nd round.

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