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Casey Bramlet on NFL Network Right Now


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Cincy's third-string QB is playing right now on the NFL network for the Hamburg Sea Devils... He went 3 for 4 on his first drive, culminating in a 40-yd TD pass on play action that was dead on... Hopefully he plays well over there...

Greg Scott is starting DT for Rhein - he is #93...

Former Bengal, Travis Dorsch is punting for Rhein, not sure if is also there PK or not...

For those of us who follow UK, you might remember the name Bobby Blizzard... He is starting at TE for Hamburg...

Just thought some of you may want to see Bramlet play a bit - Take care...

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ya bramlet is pretty good...hes a mini carson. he'll be a good solid backup to carson for many years me thinks.

didnt know crouch was playing, how'd he do?

dunno about broussard..

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Bengals.com indicates each player on our roster that is in NFLE and unfortunately Broussard is not one of them...

There are:

QB - Casey Bramlet

WR - Jeremiah Cockhran

DE - Derrick Crawford

DT - Greg Scott

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ya i saw that...it was pretty retarded. he isnt gonna make the roster i dont think...

It does look doubtful that Scott will stick on the 53-man. They did move him inside to DT and he looked better before at end but still not good enough to stick IMO.

Derrick Crawford looked great in an earlier game, doing all the good things at DE, but I caught about a half's worth of the replay today and have to say he didn't even look pedestrian. He needs consistency to get a shot.

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