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The Curse of Paul Brown?

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The Curse Lives On

Page 2


OK, the sky has fallen and, as George Carlin would say, huge cracks have appeared in the earth's surface. The Red Sox won the World Series.

In the wake of Game 4, Page 2's curse-ologists combed through the sports landscape and found plenty of hexes, hocus-pocus, conjurations and sorceries still alive and well, even if the Red Sox's Curse of the Bambino has been slain. We even ranked them.

We used the following criteria: To officially be cursed, a franchise cannot have won a championship in the last 25 years (hey, that's the ESPN era), and the franchise must have been in existence for all 25 years (you've been spared, Timberwolves). We made only one exception to this rule (check out the list to find out where), and we found 54 franchises that fit the criteria.

We gave more weight to teams that have been close to titles and failed (read: Bills, Vikings, Jazz, Knicks) than to teams that have been just awful (read: Clippers, Warriors, football Cardinals, Saints).

The No. 1 curse still active in the world of sports? No surprise. It still bleats on Chicago's north side.

Don't agree with the way we've ranked the rest of the curses? Here's your chance to rate the top 40 curses yourself.


Team-Last Title

The Curse

The Scoop

1. Chicago Cubs-1908

Curse of the Billy Goat

At least their fans are far less whiny and self-loathing than Red Sox Nation.

2. Chicago White Sox-1917

Curse of the Black Sox

Throwing the World Series in 1919? Hey, maybe they deserve to be cursed forever.

3. Cleveland Browns-1964

Curse of Paul Brown

The Drive ... The Fumble ... Tim Couch. You think legendary coach/owner Brown wanted revenge after getting fired by Art Modell?

4. Philly Eagles-1960

Curse of Frank Gifford

After Eagles LB Chuck Bednarik rendered Gifford unconscious in '60 with a vicious tackle, Giff awoke from concussion and placed his curse.

5. Cleveland Indians-1948

Curse of Chief Wahoo

Sure, Indians fans refer to the Curse of Rocky Colavito; but seriously -- get rid of the logo and join the 21st century. Their choke in the '97 Series is underrated.

(see webpage for the others)

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