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Could Ty Law, be Sapp Year 2?


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Why not take a shot at Ty Law, low ball him like we did Sapp and see if we can get him to sign, Ya never know IMO it;s worth a shot.

We really don;t need a Starting Corner....but hell If we can get him for 3 mill a season I'd take him and O'neal to start..

Now I totally doubt He'll ever sign for 3 mill a year considering 2 years ago he was insulted by 28 mill for 4 years from the pats but hey.....WHY NOT?

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Great minds think alike. Those are the exact positions I mentioned when blogging about the draft yesterday. I think we should go after those defensive spots on the first day. The only execption would be if we could get a center in the 2nd or 3rd. I'm not sure that Richie Brahman is going to make it through another season.

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If Pittsburgh starts to actively pursue him, the bengals could maybe throw in an offer, just so that they would have to pay more to get him, but definitely not try to sign him, because corner is the least of the worries in Cincinnati.

....Just a thought....

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