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Next Big Flop at QB


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It wasn't a very scienetific process or one that I really thought about past a split second. It took all of about a second for me to make up my opinion on the guy. In that second though I decided Alex Smith or whomever that QB from Utah's name is will be the next David Klingler. I merely looked at the kids picture and thought to myself "No Way, this kid is a dead man walking." First the kid looks like he'd better wearing a pocket protector than a helmet. Second if memory serves me correctly he's a little udersized muscle wise, and you could almost see the fear in his eyes already. This kid while he might posses sssome talent (there has been little to lead me to believe he has enough to even deserve going #1 overall) is one blind sided sack away from David Klingler. I can still to this day vaguely rember the play that broke Klingler. It was the Pittsburgh game in his rookie season and Klingler really didn't have any flippin idea what the heck he was doing. If memory serves me they were just teeing off on the poor SOB all day, and literally had like 8 sacks. The one that really broke Klinger was when one of Pittsburgh's linebackers blew by one of the Bengals bum offensive lineman of the day on Klinglers blindside and totally blew the poor guy up. From that day foward Klingler was never really the same. He was never able to get that play out of his mind, and got a terrible case of happy feat. He just couldn't handle the physical nature of the game mentally anymore. Alex seems like he could be the same type of personality, and whoever takes him sure as heck let him sit on the bench at least a year maybe two so that when he does get on the field he knows what the heck is going on, or his spirit might be crushed by a Big Nasty Defensive player looking to give the kid a nice welcome to the league with a helmet in his back just like Klingler.

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Neither one of these Quarterbacks are particularly special. They're both fighting for a spot that neither would possibly be in contention for if Matt Leinart opted to come out.

That being said, I like Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. Both of them are system quarterbacks, I don't care what the " experts " say about Smith's wide open offense. Rodgers comes from Tedfords' program, and needless to say, he can make any quarterback look good for a " short-time ". But Smith was clearly the best player on a solid football team. He lacked a real running game, and threw the ball to some really slow wide receivers.. ( Check the 40's on Parris Warren and Steve Savoy ).

If I were to compare the two to players playing today..

Aaron Rodgers = Kyle Boller.

Alex Smith = Jeff Garcia ( San Fran ) - not the one that was awful in Cleveland. :D

* But look at it this way, The more skill position players that are pushed into picks 1-16, the better the defender we'll be able to get at # 17. :player:

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