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How about a concensus mock draft?


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Ok,let's see who joins in.

S.F. is on the clock.My pick is Alex Smith,QB,Utah.Make your pick for S.F. people.

1:S.F.-On the clock

I have to leave for work soon,so if the picks is made,someone else get the ball rolling for Miami.I'll pick it back up for tomorrow.There's no rush however.

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Anyone for starting a mock?We put each team up,everyone who wants to votes and the popular vote is the pic,and then move on to the next pick.We get a couple of picks in a day.

I did that in an article i'm working on, here's the "composite" draft of 19 mocks that I compared.

The “Insert Lame NFL Draft Site Name Here” Collaborative Mock:

1. San Francisco - Aaron Rodgers

2. Miami - Ronnie Brown

3. Cleveland - Alex Smith

4. Chicago - Braylon Edwards

5. Tampa Bay - Carnell Williams

6. Tennessee - Adam Jones

7. Minnesota - Mike Williams

8. Arizona - Cedric Benson

9. Washington - Antrel Rolle

10. Detroit - Derrick Johnson

11. Dallas - Shawne Merriman

12. San Diego - Marcus Spears

13. Houston - Alex Barron

14. Carolina - Troy Williamson

15. Kansas City - Carlos Rogers

16. New Orleans - Thomas Davis

17. Cincinnati - Travis Johnson

18. Minnesota - Erasmus James

19. St. Louis - Jammal Brown

20. Dallas - Mark Clayton

21. Jacksonville - Justin Miller

22. Baltimore - Roddy White

23. Seattle - Channing Crowder

24. Green Bay - Dan Cody

25. Denver - Demarcus Ware

26. N.Y. Jets - Fabian Washington

27. Atlanta - Brodney Pool

28. San Diego - Matt Roth

29. Indianapolis - Marlin Jackson

30. Pittsburgh – Heath Miller

31. Philadelphia - Darryl Blackstock

32. New England - Odell Thurman

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