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Free Agent Excuses

Section 310

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Did you happen to see the quote from Hobson on the team's website? The question was about the lack of free agent action and the contract the Raiders gave to Jordon...

You can complain all you want about bad contracts and how they shove the pay scale all out of whack. But if everyone else is doing it, how else do you compete?

This is why the Bengals think they are between a rock and a hard place. They feel the size of the market (they’ve been around No. 27 in revenues) dictates that they go year by year on the salary cap and that they stay away from those big-lump-sum –signing-bonus-pro-rated-by-the-years deals that have hurt teams in future cap years.

When they asked the voters to build the friggin stadium the Bengals said it would allow them to have the revenue needed to compete in the market place. Now here we are, 4 seasons later and we hear the same garbage. The Brown family is making money hand over fist, yet they cannot seem to get creative enough to sign a Trotter, Hartwell or Robinson. Other teams bend over backwards to cut players, restructure deals and use pro-rated bonuses to sign free agents. The Bengals sit back and wait for the guy who has no choice but to play for peanuts.

What has all of this fiscal responsibility earned us over the last decade?? Nada, squat, zero, zilch....we were the worst team in the friggin league. I would accept

a couple of years of rebuilding if it meant we enjoyed the success of the Cowboys, Niners, or others who abuse the cap.

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YOu complain too much.

Tell me who was even wanting to play for us during our losing seasons?

We need to gain respectability first, more than a couple of 8-8 seasons before high priced, marquee FA's are banging down our door to play with us.

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