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Richie Incognito


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During the Combine he had one of the quicker times in the 10 yd. run -- 1.7 sec.

HOWEVER, during the shuttle run he appeared to hurt his knee again. I think they said it was a strain not a tear.

He has all the physical football skills you might want -- but he has some off-field problems. He has taken anger management after several incidence. He was kicked off his team and I believe he had some trouble with his girl friend and got too physical with her.

If I were to gamble by drafting him, it would be in the 5th or 6th round, because of the "head case" problems..

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Yeah Pap I'm gonna have to agree w/ a 5 or 6 rd projection for Incognito. His personal interviews might have helped get Barrett Robbins out of the backs of some minds, though.

But Incognito sure did help himself with the 1.71 in the 10 yd, 4.9 in the 40, and 29 reps of 225#, which was the same as Baas and about 10th overall for O-lineman.

BTW, NFNN had Baas clocked at 1.72/5.02. Baas has to be considered a late 1st rounder because of his mobility and ability to move linemen off the LOS.

The O-lineman who helped himself the most at combine was Scott Young, a G for BYU. Nobody was even close to his 43 reps and his 1.75/5.06 helped his cause. Plus in the mirror drills, he showed great feet and punch strength. Young was a D-lineman who played his first year at guard in 2004. If his tapes show at all what he showed at the combine he likely moved himself up to 1st day consideration.

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